10 marketing trends to know in 2023

By Celine Pasteur

– Posted on January 26, 2023 at 11:45 am

2023 action! As every year, Wunderman Thompson uses the month of January to present its report, which presents the 100 key trends of the coming year. Take a look at 10 trends that promise to take the marketing and communications sector by storm.

The same thing happens every year. The beginning of the year is an opportunity for everyone to play seers by filling in predictions about what to celebrate in the coming months. Pinterest did this by looking at the various trends that will be a hit in 2023, Journal du Luxe recently looked at what should change the luxury sector in the near future, and Meltwater looked at the state of social networks in 2023. It is the Wunderman Thompson group that has been talking about him in recent days. As every year, he released the Future 100: 2023 report, which lists the predictions of the trends that will mark the year. 10 of them belong to the field of marketing and therefore should be kept in mind for professionals in this sector. Metaverses, NFTs, virtual ambassadors, inclusion, we take into account what you need to know!

The Future 100: 2023 envisions a year on a global scale, before detailing the marketing trends that promise to mark the year 2023. “full of resilience, innovation and joy in the face of constant adversity”though “All signs point to a dark and chaotic year”In the words of Emma Chiu, Global Director. The first strong trend of 2023 will be the stronger development of the metaverse, especially in the food market.. “For example, Starbucks will use Web3 to offer its customers a rewards program where NFTs can be collected. McDonald’s will take the concept a step further by opening a virtual restaurant that allows BigMac fans to order and receive their menu directly at home.. Besides, Use of NFTs will allow companies to deepen the loyalty process by giving shoppers access to exclusive experiences. 2023 will also be a significant year mass use of virtual ambassadors. “As our world becomes increasingly digital, brands need to find a new way to look human”, explains the report. Avatar will not only be in the cinema!

The planet as part of the business world, ecology at the center of various commercial strategies is another strong trend for 2023, and brands will donate a portion of their profits to environmental missions. And of course, the concept of inclusion will be strong this year the trend of “meta-inclusivity”., which sees brands and creators trying to make the metaverse as inclusive as possible. The New Realities: Metaverse and Beyond study found that 65% of respondents who knew about the metaverse thought it would be more inclusive than the real world. That’s why many brands are currently working on ways to make this hope a reality. However, there is a need for representation in fuel advertising new collaborations between brands and marginalized creators. And moreover, companies help make inclusive products the norm. Obviously, inclusion in all its forms will be treated this year! At the same time, next-generation marketing mixes with futuristic technology and the language of the metaverse the best brands selling limited edition products rich in the aesthetics of futuristic technologies. Finally, the question security in the metaverse and encouraged to play will be at the center of next year. “After a few anxious years, many people want to reconnect with their emotions. Brands are returning with optimism and a yearning for a return to childhood to rethink their offerings under the guise of joy and play.”.

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