LIVE – France v Germany: The Blues finally break through

+2 for the Blues! (41st, FRA 22-20 ALL)

Dika Mem and Luka Karabatic put the Blues ahead by two goals, a first!

Fabregas equalizes for Blues (40th, FRA 20-20 ALL)

Desbonnet controls the sixth pass and allows the trailing Fabregas to show himself in front of goal and level the score at 20-20!

Germany lead (33rd, FRA 17-18 ALL)

After Hafner’s equaliser, Golla scored his fourth to give Germany the lead.

Blues take the lead for the first time! (31, FRA 17-16 ALL)

The French defense blocks the attack and opens the counter on the right. Lenne scores against Wolff to give the Blues the lead for the first time!

Here We Go Again (31, FRA 16-16 ALL)

The engagement is for the Germans.

Half time, better for Blues (FRA 16-16 ALL)

In the last second of the first half, Richardson equalizes the score! Both teams will pass the half at 16-16.

However, it got off to a bad start for the French team with a poor start in defense and a great performance from German goalkeeper Andreas Wolff. The Mannschaft found themselves at +4, but that lead melted away after the French break.

Germany’s turn will be outnumbered (27th, FRA 14-15 ALL)

But the Blues don’t take advantage, Richardson sees his penalty saved by Birlehm this time, not Wolff!

Prandi takes two minutes (24th, FRA 14-15 ALL)

The French left-back escaped disqualification for trying to block his opponent as he was about to shoot down the wing.

Last stand for France (23rd, FRA 13-13 ALL)

Desbonnet makes the first French save of the game. Facing Nahi, Wolff responds with his…eighth save.

Wolff prevents the Blues from taking the lead! (20, FRA 11-12 ALL)

Dika Mem took possession 12-11 and potentially put the Blues ahead for the first time. But again, Andreas Wolff manages to parry the shot.

Blues provide the tie! (19, FRA 11-11 ALL)

Remili signed the tie for the blues!

The time-out was good for the French, both offensively and defensively! The Germans did not score after the restart! Richardson’s introduction did a lot.

Germany goes to +4! (15, FRA 7-11 ALL)

It’s really complicated for the Blues, who have already conceded 11 goals. Guillaume Gille pauses to remobilize the troops.

Two minutes for Nahi (13th, FRA 6-9 ALL)

Nahi receives a two-minute penalty for blocking the ninth German goal.

Blues defense rebounds (11th, FRA 6-8 ALL)

The bleeding is abating, where three German attacks have already been halted within two minutes. Meanwhile, Karabatic increased the score to +2.

And five stops for Wolff! (8th, FRA 5-8 ALL)

Nikola Karabatic still stumbles in front of Andreas Wolff who has saved 5 times!

Three saves already for the German goalkeeper (8th, FRA 4-6 ALL)

The French side has no urgency at the moment, although this start has been slim, with Wolff already making a big start to the match with three saves.

Germany get first break (5th, FRA 3-5 ALL)

After Wolff’s save, Germany was able to deceive Gerard and create the first break of this match! The Germans scored five goals from five attempts.

Hafner scores for Germany (2nd, FRA 1-1 ALL)

Taking advantage of the opening on the right wing, Hafner scored the first goal of the match in favor of Germany. The Blues responded with Fabregas’ equalizer without delay.

Let’s go ! (1st, FRA 0-0 ALL)

The first possession is French.

Hymns are playing, will begin

Players of both teams entered the field.

Kickoff was postponed at 8:52 p.m.

Due to the double overtime between Norway and Spain, the France-Germany match originally scheduled for 20:30 has been postponed. The regulation provides for a minimum 40-minute warm-up for both teams. New schedule: 20:52

Nikola Karabatic returns

Good news for the French team. Nikola Karabatic missed the previous two games of the World Cup due to injury. Even if he still feels discomfort in his leg, the left-back will be gritting his teeth.

The Blues can also count on Elohim Prandi, who has recovered from the left ankle sprain he suffered alone against Spain (28-26).

Instead, another left-back appears: Thibaud Briet, who will be in the stands alongside Charles Bolzinger, right-handed shot. Coach Guillaume Gille has not prepared his entire squad for any match since the start of the competition.

Arnaud Valadon

The French Handball Federation opened a disciplinary case against Bruno Martini

Bruno Martini, who was sentenced this Wednesday to a one-year suspended prison sentence for corruption of a minor and recording of child pornography, is the subject of disciplinary proceedings by the French Handball Federation.

“At the extraordinary meeting held at the end of the day, the Board of Directors of the French Handball Federation unanimously decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the member of the Federation, Bruno Martini. He was convicted,” he said in a press release.

The former goalkeeper and two-time world champion has resigned from the presidency of the National Handball League.

It starts at 20:30.

Welcome to this live RMC Sport to watch the Men’s Handball World Cup 1/4 final match between France and Germany. The match will start at 20:30 in Gdansk (Poland).

The winner will face Sweden-Egypt at the same time but in Stockholm.

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