the municipalities regret the dialogue with Bersi, which is “almost at a standstill”.

As 2023 began, the announcement did not go unnoticed. During his swearing-in on January 5, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Digital Industry Sovereignty announced the green industry bill.

“This bill will aim to speed up the authorization process for new industries, promote national public procurement, finance industrial innovation with France 2030, redirect savings and create a more attractive tax environment for green industry. Bruno Le Maire explained.

Green industry: Bruno Le Maire unveils the first outlines of the bill

Municipalities not bound by the Green Industry Act?

Under the leadership of Guillaume Kasbarian, Renaissance Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, five working groups were created: “Tax changes for the development of green industry”, “opening factories, reclamation of empty areas, securing land”, “produce, order, buy. In France”, ” Financing of green industry in France” and “training in green industry professions.” They are headed by a deputy from the majority accompanied by the mayor who is the patron or president of the public body.

In addition, not only local elected officials, but also inter-municipal chairpersons are surprised that they are not involved in the process. “We are very surprised that the various working groups created within the framework of the drafting of the law, however, do not involve the inter-municipal bodies competent in terms of economic development.” On January 20, Sebastien Martin, president of the Intercommunal Organization of France, filed a complaint against Bercy’s tenant, Bruno Le Maire.

Again, this choice may surprise. In addition to supporting the “France 2030” investment program, since 2018, the municipalities are implementing the joint pilot application of the “Industrial Areas” program with the state. In May 2022, the executive has ensured that 146 “industrial areas” are at the start of 1,800 projects in 543 inter-municipal scale, making progress of one billion euros. through three operators: Banque des Territoires, Business France and Bpifrance.

Dialogue with Bercy “almost at a standstill”?

During his swearing-in on January 24, Sébastien Martin also touched on the participation of municipalities in the re-industrialization of the country. In the absence of Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal, announced but ultimately represented by Territorial Communities Minister Dominic Faure, the president of the Local Elected Officials Association lamented that “The framework of the dialogue is not satisfactory with Bersi”. Before admitting that he was “virtually stopped”.

These statements from the podium may surprise you knowing that, according to our information, the city council will be visited next week in the Grand Chalon area by Roland Lescure, the Minister of Industry. “I also have a meeting with him tomorrow [le 25] at 5:45 p.m Sebastien Martin confirms. In this case, why does he “hit” Bercy?

“I am writing because there is no dialogue at the moment. It is unbelievable that he does not lead the inter-municipal working group.” Adds the president of the Intercommunal Organization of France.

Bersi promises that all unions of elected officials will be merged

However, the mayor of Montso-les-Mines (Saône-et-Loire) and the president of the board of directors of the Center for Research and Expertise on Risks, mobility and development (Cerema), a joint public institution between the State and local government, authorities, “Open factories, restore, make land accessible” group. “I’m not sure if Cerema is a re-industrialization tool…”, Sebastien Martin answers.

“Industrial estates”: a system of government reviewed and amended by local elected officials

In the afternoon Bercy, requested by gallery, mine: “All associations of elected officials will, of course, be coordinated and consulted with the project. Meetings are scheduled. In particular, Dominique Faure, the representative of the Born government, under the supervision of Christophe Bechu (Environmental Transition) and Gerald Darmany (Interior Affairs), during the same welcome ceremony, praised himself. “good dynamics” of “Industrial areas”, approximately 542 inter-municipalities confirm the implementation of more than 2 billion euros.