Races, Grand Prix, relay of the Ministry of Armed Forces, exhibition… Issoire Sports Organization focuses on cycling in 2023

Last Saturday, January 21, members of the Issoire Sport Organization (ISO) invited elected officials, partners, licensees, active members, young people from the new cycling school, Les Elles d’ISO and volunteers to share a traditional galette des rois. This is an opportunity to deliver a busy program for 2023.

First meetings in spring

From April 10, the structure takes over the organization of the Prix des Cornards in Beaumont. The Agglo cycle tour, whose route has not yet been determined, will be held on May 13 and 14.

Tour de France 2023: historic launch to Auvergne, return to Puy de Dome and four days in the area!

The relay will be held on June 22 with the organization of the relay race of the Ministry of Armed Forces, which is another innovation. Competitors will take turns on the race circuit for 12 hours, with proceeds going to a good cause to help the wounded in the military.

“Our schedule is expanding every year, events that find their audience… We will not be bored even for a second.”

Nicholas Mallet, President (blank)

Also in June, the mini-tour will take place on the 25th. This year, with a special flavor, it is a few days before the Tour de France. For the meeting, a delegation from Germany’s first channel, ARD, will even travel to film a documentary that will be broadcast on the local stage of the Grande Boucle. “It’s a real surprise and a big boost to the fame of this bike festival!”, says Nicolas Mallet. A concept that will be updated at the same time as the race of champions at Aubière on September 2nd. This year, December’s Cyclo cross will be the stage for the AuRA championships.

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A bicycle show for cyclists

After the French Gendarmerie Championship on September 15 and 16, the latest innovation will appear: the Salon du Vélo at CEERTA, where exhibitions and events for non-motorized two-wheelers take place. Finally, to conclude, the traditional cyclo-cross will be held in December, and this event will have the honor of being the stage for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes championships in the discipline.

Critérium du Dauphiné 2023: first stage around Chambon-sur-Lac, starting from Brassac-les-Mines

“Our agenda expands every year with events that find their audience. The association’s 80 volunteers have the motivation that is essential to their success. We will not be bored even for a second,” President Nicholas Mallet concluded.

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