Does Morocco fund UNESCO? Audrey Azoulay discloses a serious conflict of interest

Does Morocco fund UNESCO? Audrey Azoulay discloses a serious conflict of interest

IAD-24 January 2023: Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Audrey AzoulayOn Tuesday, an agreement was signed in Paris between Morocco and the UN organization to strengthen cooperation in a number of fields, including the protection of tangible and intangible heritage of humanity.

“We know how much this collaboration between Morocco and UNESCO owes to the commitment of His Majesty the King and the royal family,” he said. Audrey Azoulay in his speech, on the occasion of the signing, with the Princess Lalla HasnaaPresident of the Fund for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Rabat of the partnership agreement signed between UNESCO and the Fund.

Only after that, the UNESCO president allowed a serious conflict of interest since his father Andre Azoulay He is the personal advisor of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Prince Lalla Hassan. The UNESCO president was even born in the Royal Palace of Morocco, has Moroccan nationality and was educated at the Royal Palace in Rabat alongside the children of the Moroccan king. Faced with all the facts, the head of UNESCO should have refrained from signing a convention or agreement with the Moroccan royal family, with whom he has a family relationship, in order not to fall under the prohibitions of conflicts, and these interest rates are determined by the UN agency.

The CEO even advertises for the Moroccan organization, while also highlighting the fundamental archaeological discoveries made in Morocco: the oldest Homo sapiens fossil in Djebel Irhud in 2017 and the ornaments in the Bizmoune cave, which opened new perspectives on the origins of humanity.

It should be noted that this partnership between Ms. Azulay, the President of UNESCO, and Lalla Hasnaa, the sister of the King of Morocco, President of the Mohammed VI Environment Foundation, is not relevant today, since she has been working with UNESCO since 2016, especially in the areas of ocean protection and environmental protection. supports the activities aimed at the development of education, as well as the work carried out by the Foundation for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Rabat, chaired by the Prince. Does Morocco fund a UN agency? In any case, the partnership between the sister of the king of Morocco and the president of UNESCO is obvious.

Worst of all, this agreement is not related to Moroccan heritage, but it opens up new perspectives for Morocco, not only in Morocco, but in Africa in general, which is one of UNESCO’s strategic priorities. A barely veiled threat to Algerian heritage, which Morocco has targeted for several years as Fantazia…or Berber jewels.

For clarification, Lalla Hasnaa, president of the Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Rabat, presided over the signing of the partnership agreement between the two organizations in the presence of Audrey Azoulay at the UNESCO headquarters on Tuesday. signed by Ernesto OttoneUNESCO Assistant Director General for Culture and Nouzha Alaoui, Secretary General of the Foundation. The Foundation and UNESCO are committed to implementing important actions on the African continent. This joint action will involve the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Morocco and classified areas in Africa. The partnership agreement also envisages capacity-building programs for stakeholders managing and protecting heritage in Rabat, Morocco or Africa, and finally participation in various national and international events organized by UNESCO.

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