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Most free sites on the Internet owe their existence to advertising revenue. However, in return, intrusive ads are constantly appearing, which makes the viewing experience disastrous.

Fortunately, there are many third-party apps available on iOS that are more or less effective to solve this problem. They allow you to partially (or completely) block pop-ups, videos, and banners in Safari.

So that you don’t get lost in the Apple Store looking for apps, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools, free or paid, that you can use to block cookies, prevent tracking, and get notified when something happens. access to fake sites.

Also note that enabling Airplane mode for iOS players can be a solution to prevent ads from loading. Alternatively, you can also connect to a VPN with ad blocking features.

AdGuard is a free, simple and customizable solution. Indeed, the program offers you more than 80 integrated filters to get rid of various types of unwanted ads.

The trackers and visitor counters that are commonly used to target your ads are also blocked to keep you away from malware and phishing.

AdGuard claims that thanks to the reduction in pop-ups, iOS users will benefit from a significant improvement in privacy and smoother navigation.

To take advantage of additional features such as multiple DNS (Domain Name System) or parental control support, you can subscribe to a professional subscription for €2.99 per year.

Purify effectively protects your iOS devices, as it not only has standard blocking and tracking functions, but also protects you from identity theft by halving traffic and mobile data usage.

Purify automatically sorts out suspicious, intrusive, and battery-draining pages for safe browsing and up to 4X faster web page loading.

Like competing solutions, it offers a one-click whitelisting feature that can be accessed directly from Safari. The purpose of cleaning is to make your user experience easier.

This quality ad blocker costs €2.49 in the App Store.

AdBlock has been the first choice for many iPhone and iPad users since 2012. Ease of use is paramount as you simply swipe up on the screen to activate AdBlock.

Its database is updated using the latest data collected during the execution of the program, without the use of a remote server, especially to avoid any interference with your mobile and Wi-Fi networks, browsers and game sessions.

Like many other blockers, AdBlock prevents trackers from tracking your online activity and using your data to target pop-ups.

In addition, it also offers a whitelist to receive ads from your favorite sites.

Another small plus, and not least, is that your settings will be synced across all your iOS devices via iCloud. Simple and effective!

AbBlock costs €2.29.

1Blocker X is a highly customizable content blocker and also uses Safari for greater efficiency.

It is the first ad blocker that combines more than 115,000 standard rules divided into different categories (banners, cookies, porn site, trackers, etc.). Moving from one page to another is 50% faster on average. In addition, the app manages country-specific standards to improve the blocking experience, notably using a whitelist to control which sites will keep their ads active.

This ad blocker protects your privacy, none of your data is recorded and no trackers are used. For added security, this app is compatible with FaceID and TouchID.

To take advantage of all its advanced features, 1Blocker costs more, but it’s worth every penny, at €5.49 per year.

Ghostery has been around for years and is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera.

It’s free, and it helps you stop all ads by paralyzing the tracking tools of the sites you visit to collect the information that viewers collect about you. It even provides access to a summary of the various spies installed on the visited pages.

It has multiple displays and summary dashboards to transcribe relevant information about you.

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