Based in the eastern Pyrénées-Rivesaltes, France, this leader in digital marketing will employ up to 85 people in 2023.

MeetDeal, created so far by the Plein Sud Entreprises incubator in Rivesaltes, has achieved exceptional growth over several years. A leader in the digitization of the customer journey for the automotive sector, this innovative company continues to grow by moving into new premises and at the same time venturing into the world of housing.

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful “success stories” of recent years in the country of Catalonia. A round achieved by the two founders, Frédéric Torreilles and Jérémy Clanet. Two car sales professionals who worked in the world of dealerships in Perpignan and have now expanded into the internet universe by developing an innovative model in customer relations and digital marketing in the automotive industry. “We started with a simple observation, but for us it was part of a major commercial challenge, which is the online customer experience. For example, when you search on a manufacturer’s website for specific information, or when we want to request an appointment at this address, customer online information to test the dealership model request. He simply has to fill out a form. But we’ve noticed that this method mostly distracts internet users from their online journey.”, explains Frédéric Torreilles. No more impersonal and hideous uniforms.

Customers like Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen

Instead, MeetDeal offers a new, tailored online shopping experience. A unique solution that is now a benchmark in the automotive market. Thanks to the conversational marketing they have developed to limit the abandonment of prospects in their search for answers. “For example, we offer online chat bubbles or personalized video experiences with a product expert from 7 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. The goal is to create a connection between the internet user and the point of sale.”Frédéric Torreilles says.

A commercial approach worthy of a “Personal Shopper” that takes on its full meaning with today’s consumer increasingly looking for personalized advice, support and confidence. In any case, this practice is becoming the new rule that car manufacturers are applying. Among MeetDeal customers, Audi France and the group’s brands Skoda, Seat, VW, Cupra are used and mobilized by MeetDeal in “omnichannel”, that is, all possible communication and sales channels between the company and its customers. The company also counts Renault France or Alp as customers in conversational marketing, which is called human “live chat.” As well as comprehensive growth that becomes housing. Both bosses have ambitions.

Established five years ago, Meet Deal will therefore move to new premises in 2023 in the former Hôtel des Vignes de Rivesaltes. “The area is 2000 m2, where we will occupy 50% of the surface, is located in the center of Rivesaltes, near the train station and residential areas. We need a place to accommodate our employees”– concludes the entrepreneur.

After the car, Meet Deal now deals with the house

“After the first two years of research and development and the development of three more businesses in the automotive sector, we have proven our added value in multi-channel customer experience and our efficiency in converting online prospects. Thus, today we have developed a unique solution for the automotive industry. products dedicated to brands in the residential universe creating chatbots with live video. For example, a self-consumption solar panel solution is presented on the brand’s website. An interested prospect will be accompanied by a remote consultant from MeetDeal through a human chat and live video. A tailor-made quote will then be sent by the advertiser. This experiential and seamless Personal shopping is driving the demand for value-for-money as it meets an increasingly important need for personalized support and advice.” Adds Frédéric Torreilles, Managing Director of MeetDeal. A development that therefore forces it to move to a new location in 2023 to accommodate 85 employees.

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