Samsung Unpacked February 1: The new Samsung Galaxy – designed for today, designed for the future

Next week, on February 1, Samsung will kick off its Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco for the first time in three years. Starting at 19:00 local time, the new premium Galaxy innovations will be previewed via live streaming. This event will be broadcast Samsung.chopen Samsung Newsroomand above Youtube.

Before the Galaxy Unpacked Event to be held on February 1, the president and director of the MX Business Department of Samsung Electronics, Dr. Tae Mun Roh discusses the relevance of smartphones in everyday life, new performance standards and the need for sustainable development-oriented innovation.

The best of Samsung Galaxy – designed for today and tomorrow
Mobile technology plays an important role in our daily lives and is often the starting point for innovation. With mobile devices becoming indispensable, we create and consume content that connects us, inspires us and entertains us. While we are on the road, we can plunge into other worlds. We can communicate with our colleagues without sitting at our desk. We manage every aspect of our lives from one point, our smartphone: our health and well-being activities, appointments, shopping, travel, and more.

These experiences increasingly mark our daily lives. Therefore, users turn to reliable devices from manufacturers they trust. At the same time, global problems such as the climate crisis force us to rethink our way of life. It is our duty to create a better world today and work towards a fairer and more sustainable future. We believe mobile technology can enrich people’s lives and help us build the future we want. This is what motivates us in our mobile sector.

Setting new performance standards
The best example of how Samsung has implemented this vision: the Galaxy S series. This has allowed us to leverage our heritage of innovation this year while focusing on our core business.

Our premium camera system is smarter than previous models. It delivers the best image and video quality from our Galaxy smartphones, regardless of lighting conditions. In addition to hardware and software optimizations, our latest processor enables Galaxy devices to deliver the fastest, highest performance ever. This is thanks to our open partnership philosophy. Also, connecting to other devices and brands in our ecosystem is simpler and more seamless than ever.

Galaxy S Ultra is the flagship of the Galaxy S line A reliable device – the best from Samsung with strong performance and quality. We’ve integrated all of our favorite Galaxy Note features into the Ultra to create a smartphone that combines the power, performance and creative potential of two flagship Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy S Ultra represents the pinnacle of innovation in the Samsung Mobile brand, setting it apart from all competition. Samsung will soon show what Ultra can do in other device categories.

Continuous innovation
Performance isn’t just about increased power. They also include long-term innovations with less harmful effects on the environment.

We are committed to combating climate change and guided by our new environmental strategy focused on the sustainable development of the technology we depend on. Therefore, we approach every stage of the product life cycle from a sustainability perspective.

In other words, we design more durable and more reliable devices by incorporating more recycled materials into more components. It also means we collaborate with like-minded partners, both to create positive change for the community and the planet, and to set new standards for our industry.

Premium experience without compromise
During the Unpacked Event on February 1st, we will demonstrate how innovation and sustainability can interact to deliver the highest level of experience.

At a time when these issues are more important than ever, we’ve raised the bar for the mobile experience and introduced the most capable Galaxy smartphones for the future.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked will be available on February 1st at 19:00 local time on, Samsung Newsroom and YouTube.

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