How to choose a POS for your store?

The purchase decision is mostly driven by the emotion experienced in the store. The Point-of-sale advertising involves marketing activities directed at customers while they are in the store.

Once the commitment has been made, it needs to be encouraged to decide and finalize the purchase. The POS should provide him with a unique experience, engage him, inspire him and create word of mouth in favor of the store.

the Developing point of sale marketing is an experience in itselfit is recommended to be supported by a specialist Store POS to select your installation.

Determine the need and available space

PLV can be presented in different possible forms tailor your strategy to your products, location and needs. Before any marketing activity, you need to think about your goal, need and means.

First of all, plan an activity according to the points of sale that distribute your products:

  • Large surfaces: GSA (large food surface), GSS (large specialty surface), GSB (large DIY surface);
  • Utility stores: independent trade, small and medium surface;

The available space in supermarkets will be different from the store space, the POS display then takes the appropriate form. The existing floor plan is often subject to negotiation, as is the plan. In a small store, events are not always possible or take place outside, so you should contact the store in advance.

POS is installed at the store entrance, checkout, shelves and/or aisles.… For example, you can set up a promotional island or a one-off animation stand at the entrance of a shop or store to present a product offer.

Media selection and customization

The more space you have, the more ad elements you can combine (totems, terminals, posters, stop rails, arches, etc.) and thus provide an authentic experience.

Here are the different possible types of POS:

  • Shelf display: arrange lighting on shelves (stop shelf, labels, edge strip, adhesive)
  • POS display: pulls products off the shelf to highlight (displays, gondola head, etc.);
  • Event POS: one-time marketing action with product placement (arch, presentation stands, etc.)

Since communication actions are often time-limited, it is not recommended to buy very expensive means of communication. Indeed, if your offer is only going to last a few days or weeks, investing in a PVC panel seems disproportionate.

Choose customizable supports with a good quality/price ratio. Cardboard supports have performed very well in this context for most brands. Cardboard remains a solid material, easy to customize and cheaper than rigid materials.

What to remember:

  • For a fixed element not related to marketing activities, prefer metal or wood, possibly PVC (less environmentally friendly).
  • Choose personalized cardboard stands for an ephemeral or one-off promotion.

Example of POS for franchise stores

In the case of franchising, as a rule, the franchisor selects and tests the most suitable marketing tools and form of POS for their brand. He then instructs his franchisees to set up stands in their stores.

Franchisees must respect the franchise strategy. The franchisor ensures that all franchisees respect the brand’s concept and convey a unique brand image. he can provide support to franchisees to customize through creation tools specifically designed for franchisees. The homogeneity of communication and marketing tools such as POS guarantees the unity of the network and its differentiation in the market.

Important questions about franchise store POS

As a franchisee, it is up to you to learn before taking any action. Is it possible to customize some official support? Can you carry out your own marketing operations without the permission of the franchise? Are there general rules (authorized media, prices, specifications) for POS?

As a brand, you should ask yourself about possible in-store events. Who should you contact to carry out marketing activities at the point of sale? What are the store’s capabilities? What are the restrictions on supports? What prices?

POS develops and reinforces in-store branding and offering in merchandising. It maximizes product visibility and increases the impact of your business operations.

As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to lead marketing operations related to your products. Don’t hesitate to go with a recognized POS specialist to ensure the success of your activity.

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