All about the new Samsung series

If you love the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, you’ll fall for the new S23 series, which looks even more incredible. Screen resolution, power, autonomy and photography: we take into account the upcoming changes and you will not be disappointed!

What a design for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series

The S23 series of smartphones are rumored to be very close to their predecessors with a slightly more angular design, giving them a very modern look. The photo sensors will also be better highlighted with three small separate modules that will protrude slightly from the body. On the format side, a slight increase is planned for the S23+ (+ 0.15 mm on each side), but there is no change in the size of the screens and their resolution, which is already excellent:

  • 6.1 inch screen and 2340 x 1080 Px resolution for S23
  • 6.6-inch screen and 2340 x 1080 Px resolution for S23+
  • S23 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen and a resolution of 3080 x 1440 Px

However, the S23 Ultra’s display should be improved with exceptional brightness and a refresh rate that can range from 1 Hz to 120 Hz. The lowest speed consumes very little battery (1 image per second) and can be used for applications that do not need to run often. updating such as displaying static data. A high ratio will be ideal for playing video games such as driving games where the screen changes quickly.

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Always more power and better autonomy

Three 5G smartphones S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra will definitely be equipped. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the best in terms of power and autonomy. Performance, especially for the S23, will be better overall compared to the S22 series. We’re talking a +36% improvement for the processor, +48% for the graphics part, and +60% for the AI ​​part compared to the S22!

If Samsung hasn’t planned any changes on the charging side, battery life should also be improved on the S23 and S23+ thanks to a new processor that’s more efficient in terms of power management, as well as more generous batteries:

  • The S23 will go up to 3900 mAh versus 3700 mAh for the S22
  • 4700mAh S23+ vs 4500mAh for S22+
  • The S23 Ultra will carry a 5,000mAh battery like the S22 Ultra

Better photography especially at night

In terms of photography, the S23 and S23+ will have the same modules as their predecessors, but the difference will still be significant, because today, above all, it is the work of algorithms that makes the difference. Phones are more powerful, photos will definitely be better with updated algorithms. The S23 Ultra will benefit from a new 200 Mpx photo sensor versus the 108 Mpx for the S22 Ultra currently. We are also talking about beautiful night mode improvementit was already very successful in the S22 series.

In summary, the two weak points of the Galaxy S22 series (autonomy and power) need to be improved, and the strong points (screen and photo) are even more incredible! However, these improvements, added to inflation, will result in significantly higher rates. We don’t have exact pricing information at the moment, but it looks like the S23 could cost 50 or 100 euros more than the previous series.

While we await the release of what promises to be one of the best smartphones of 2023, there’s always time to enjoy the S22 series. Currently, the S22 Ultra benefits from this 210 € immediate discount With the operator Orange, that is, €999 instead of €1209.

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