10 sports for sexual satisfaction

published by Solene V

– January 23, 2023 at 10:30 AM

What if sports were a good way to spice up your antics? Here are 10 sports to practice for sexual satisfaction.

Feeling unfulfilled in sex? Or are you looking for an effective way to make sex even more beautiful? Know that exercise can really allow you to flourish in this aspect. You still need to know what kind of exercise to do on a daily basis to live a better intimate life. Some will benefit more than others. The Myprotein company, which specializes in sports nutrition, has published a ranking of the most useful sports for sex life. The researchers of this study then surveyed nearly 3,000 European athletes to better understand the impact of sports on their intimate lives. The results also showed that couples who engaged in regular sports activities had sex about 12 times a month. This is three more than the world average of four. So what are the 10 exercises you should practice to get your full bloom in bed?


Dance is on the first place in this rating. Indeed, according to research, dancers have more fulfilling sex lives. Especially because dance increases desire and sensitivity more than other sports. More than 50% of French people who dance say that this activity makes them feel more confident. Therefore, it is natural that dancers also experience more orgasms and pleasure than average.


Yogis have the most orgasms, about 4.3 per month. Thus, yoga is the most effective exercise to increase self-confidence and libido.. Regular exercise can dramatically improve balance, body awareness and flexibility, allowing you to explore new things in bed…including sexual positions.


More than 60% of tennis players claim that this sport allows them to reach orgasm more often. For good reason, it’s an exercise to build strength, balance and cardio that’s far from irrelevant to a more satisfying sex life.. Especially since tennis naturally increases feel-good hormones. Who says it better?

physical education

Physical education is also not neglected! In fact, 52% of people who used it said it improved their sexual performance. Bodybuilding in particular increases libido and desire as it promotes testosterone production.. So, bodybuilding enthusiasts will have about 12 sexual intercourses per month and will rise to the Top 3.


Soccer is the number one sport that enhances sexual performance. In addition to being an excellent cardio workout, this exercise also improves strength and balance, which is not insignificant in bed. What’s more, 83% of soccer players will say that the sport has improved their intimate lives.


Swimming came in 6th, with over 50% of swimmers saying it improved their orgasms. Why? Because a regular swimming program builds muscle, leads to better endurance, reduced stress and mental clarity. Therefore, to strengthen the ability to concentrate and have fun during sexual intercourse.


80% of the cyclists surveyed said that cycling has a real positive effect on sex life. In particular, thanks to this sport, it develops more strength in the lower body, allowing it to be fully used and to explore many positions. But that’s not all! Cycling also provides hormonal benefits known to increase intimate pleasure.


Golf is also surprisingly successful in this ranking of the sexiest sports. Indeed, golfers will have sex an average of 13.3 times per month, more than some other sports. This practice provides improved mental clarity, reduced stress, and hormonal benefits, among other things.


About 79% of runners surveyed said that exercise has a beneficial and positive effect on their sex life. Besides being the best exercise to lose weight and make your body feel better. Running increases testosterone and libido, leading to increased desire and sexual pleasure.. Not to mention more intense orgasms.


Walking or hiking is well known for improving physical and mental health. In fact, almost nine out of ten French people say that walking makes them feel healthier. And 42% said that walking or hiking improves their mobility during sex. As you discover self-confidence and your body.

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