Volleyball: Mélanie Noyon recovers from injury at Alliance Nord 77 in Lognes

The Lognes team (left). © The Marne

Injury is an almost inevitable stage in an athlete’s career. Its gravity can pull it away from the area for a longer or shorter period of time. for Melanie Noyonthere was no question of giving up competitive volleyball.

Although two serious injuries up to the left knee, just happens 18 years oldthe The 23-year-old football player returned to the competition after being removed from the field the dawn of the season 2022-2023.

From school grounds to his first license

Mélanie Noyon discovered volleyball in the CM1 class, during physical education and sports lessons at her primary school. “I have it to start volleyball I thank my teacher on time. He had the good idea to introduce us to the sport for a while by meeting with the club coaches. From the moment I had the ball in my hands, I never let it go,” he recalls.

Volleyball player Alliance Nord starts at 77In Meaux, he completes all his studies in the youth category, then defends the colors of Meaux. national levelafter department, before being sidelined with two injuries. “Five years ago, I had surgery after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and meniscus in my left knee. A year later, the other meniscus of the same knee was affected,” he says.

Return to rivalry with Lognes

In the summer of 2022, Mélanie Noyon decided to return to racing and join a new club. “We no longer had a coach in the alliance. I just came back to racing from a deficit. I immediately looked for the Pre-National level, even the national level. It didn’t even occur to me to look down. I had heard a lot before that I would not regain my level and that volleyball was over for me. It was a little to prove it to others and also to myself, because during these three years I started to believe that these people were right, “explains the resident of Saint-Mard.

“Fear of not being able to find the family atmosphere of the alliance”

After this decision was made, the player hesitated for a long time between Tremblay-en-France and Lognes, but was finally persuaded by his new coach, ex-professional and Cameroonian international Patricia Ngombi. “I knew a player from the team [Oriane Schelz, ndlr], who I contacted. She gave me Patricia’s phone number, and she let me try. It’s been going really well ever since. I was afraid that I would not be able to find the family environment that I had met with the alliance. In Lognes, the girls welcomed me with open arms even though they didn’t know me. There is no jealousy between us,” said the volleyball player.

A sincere relationship with the instructor

He is satisfied with his sincere relationship with his coach, his vision comes to the fore in his selection: “During the three years I didn’t play, I fell into bad habits, especially in attack. Once in the air, I lost my balance completely. Patricia immediately listed all the flaws and told me what I needed to do to improve on my first attack. That’s when I thought I want him to train me,” she recalls.

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New goals

Mélanie Noyon, who doubted her level of play during the summer training, was quickly reassured after her team’s first two successes over Maisons-Alfort (0-3) and Scuf (3-1) in the first two games of the championship. “Honestly, when I came to Lognes, I had no other goal than to avoid injury this season. My individual performance goals evolve according to what I produce in matches. My goal right now is to get my service back. I often play with men, so my serve is often not very high and not very tight,” said neo-Lognote.

Fifth at the end of the first part of the season, the Lognots are in the soft underbelly of the Pre-National classification: “We are in a pool with no small teams. We don’t have girls who can finish points, and when matches go five sets, it’s repetitive, playing with our fatigue. We are also disorganized and make many mistakes in service. As for our strengths, we are very tenacious in defense and we have very good players in the middle. »

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