EcoRéseau Business – Marketing and communication in 2023: what if we return to the concrete?

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Julien Féré, PhD in information and communication sciences at CELSA Paris Sorbonne and marketing communication partner for onepoint. (Photo credit: Serge Bouvet)

Events in 2023, the year of unification?

To open this “marketing and communications” column in Columns EcoNetwork Business, I chose the (difficult) crystal ball exercise. A real chestnut tree from the beginning of the year! What does 2023 hold for us? How should you prepare for this when you’re a marketing and communications professional? To answer this, I draw on my experience with obvious trends, but also on a few weak signals that have been revealed in 2022.

El Dorado technology is it broken?

Meta, Amazon, Twitter… The recruiting signals sent by Silicon Valley are overwhelmingly negative, and it appears that the one-upmanship fever for tech recruiting is coming to an end. It’s as if a new digital “bubble” burst, first in the metaverse.

Metaverse metaverse here, there. Last year, this term took over all the conversations. Also related to NFTs and the entire virtual industry. However, the market is putting on hold, at least for the time being, the projects of the sector giants who swear to make us live in imaginary environments.

Couch potato, activity in the process of rarefaction…

In addition to this, there is a more global doubt about the scale we want to give to the “dematerialized” industry. Look at the Disney action… doubled down and burdened by the poor performance of Disney+, the group’s strategic project – the audience is there, but the investment required to feed the platform completely undermines its profitability. Its big rival Netflix has to pay the first French advertisers to invest in ads on its platform due to a small audience. While his hit series has garnered a large number of Golden Globe nominations, the business model question remains unanswered.

In parallel, Avatar 2 box cinemas are proving to us that the “really” cinema experience has a bright future ahead of it. Just like streaming TV, which is said to have been buried when TF1 was aliveth historic audience peak France-Argentina World Cup final and in all its history with unforgettable shots on goal. Reinvented “old” media works well!

See you again in 2023!

At the same time, in September 2022, I started looking for places to organize events in 2023, and event agencies warned me: the Rugby World Cup, preparations for the 2024 Olympics, the return of ritual events (Fashion Week, etc.) canceled in recent years about the events. In short, it is important to wait, because there are few vacancies and the year is already fully saturated until the last quarter…

Even more than 2022, already a good vintage in terms of events, 2023 seems to be the year of meetings: museums full of great exhibitions, the return of tourists and international events, the freedom of travel… events constitute one of the biggest communication vectors of the year. time not met.

Why so?

  • First of all, there is the “time lag” effect created by the back-to-back arrests of 2020 and 2021. Given that restrictions in some countries don’t end until the summer of 2022. freedom!
  • In addition, changes in cooperation modes enhanced the experience telework and remote work: more flexible business policy, entrepreneurship, life change. This weaker relationship with others creates a need to meet again and to sanctify the moments in a stronger, even extreme way “together”.
  • Finally, the proliferation of online content (social posts, streaming, virtual worlds, etc.) creates a wealth of possibilities. There are not enough hours in a day to consume all the content, and creating only dedicated moments (concerts, theaters, evenings, etc.) in a “multitasking” universe is becoming more and more precious and valuable.

Events, let’s create magic, exceptional…

In the context of widespread meetings and constant cheering, the dilemma for marketing and communications professionals is: either step back to avoid going it alone, or ride the wave to be at the center of the movement – ​​at the risk of competing with other events.

My position is to follow this return to “real life” and celebrate it by creating exceptional and exceptional cases. Exceptionally, because in an eventful one-on-one mastery, you should be able to offer moments that no one else can experience, and therefore prefer to concentrate on frequency. Exclusive because these are the conditions of rarity: it is better to invite few people and provide them with a unique moment – ​​while working on spreading this event through content created by the participants… It’s time to open the champagne!

* The downside of trendsPublished by Ellipses in June 2022 (edited by my PhD thesis)

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