13 Business Letter Templates for Microsoft Word to save you time

You have enough to do, and creating letters from scratch doesn’t have to be one of them. These business letter templates for Microsoft Word can show you what to write and how to get your message across professionally.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common cover letter formats and how you can write a cover letter that’s right for you.

What are the common types of business letter format?

There are many business letters written for different purposes. Whether you’re writing to a potential employer to inquire about an open position, or if you’re unable to go to work due to illness, the content will depend heavily on your audience and purpose. Take a look at some business letter templates below:

1. Introduction letter of the company/institution

A business cover letter may be the first communication your potential client, new client, or business contact receives from your organization. Therefore, your first impression is important to the success of this relationship.

The Template Lab provides you with professionally formatted templates and explains what to include in your letter. Both of these can help start this communication in the right direction.

Download: Template Lab (free)

2. Letter of intent

You can use a letter of intent or letter of interest in a variety of business situations, including negotiations, procurement, contracts, and acquisitions. This type of communication ensures that all parties are on the same page and have a clear idea of ​​your organization’s intentions.

letter of intent-1

This template from Vertex42 allows you to easily enter contact information and also prompts you to include the necessary information in the letter.

Download: Vertex 42 (Free)

3. Apology letter

Whether it’s a client, your boss, or a close friend, apologizing can be a difficult task. You may have to apologize to a customer for an order error or your boss for unprofessional behavior.

Apology letters-1

Template.net has great templates for writing an apology letter to a client, boss, or friend, and you can certainly modify the letter to suit your situation. This combination of templates is useful to get you off to a good start with your business sorry.

Download: Template.net (Free)

Use a professional letter format to write thank you letters

Thank you letters help you maintain a positive relationship with customers and consumers and increase your reputation. A well-written thank you letter can increase customer loyalty, improve brand perception and lead to more sales. Let’s take a closer look.

4. Donation Thank you

If you’re in the business of fundraising or just organized an event, you know that thanking donors isn’t easy. Whether you received a donation of money, items, or time, a short and heartfelt thank you note is in order.

Thank you letter for donations

This template from Vertex42 is short and comes with a bonus donation receipt at the end. Perfect for giving your donors what they need for their taxes and thanking them at the same time.

Download: Vertex 42 (Free)

5. Letter of thanks for the interview

If you’ve ever been looking for a job, you know how tough the competition can be. So, if you’re lucky enough to get an interview, don’t forget to follow it up with a thank you note.

thank you letter for the interview

This Vertex 42 template has all ready-made expressions and you can customize and edit it according to your needs. Just add contact information, edit as you like and submit to your potential employer for better chances.

Download: Vertex 42 (Free)

Employment letters are written to inform, solicit, and provide information. These letters are used in the corporate world and may be required by some employers such as human resources departments, supervisors or employees. Let’s take a closer look at them.

6. Letter of resignation

When it comes time to say goodbye to a current employer, it is almost always appropriate and often required to submit a letter of resignation. The letter should at least include your job title and last date of service.

resignation letter template

The Template Lab has examples that cover language for signing a contract with your new employer, if needed. Or you can simply delete this paragraph and complete the rest for a professional and formal resignation.

Download: Template Lab (Free)

7. Letter of acceptance (offer)

When you receive a job offer, an acceptance letter is often required. It is a formal acceptance of the position and reiteration of its details for full understanding between the parties.

offer acceptance letter

Vertex42 offers a template that explains exactly what to include and you can express your communication in your own words.

Download: Vertex 42 (Free)

8. Rejection (offer) letter

If you’ve received a job offer that you don’t want to accept, you need a rejection letter. Not only is this a formal way to decline an offer, but it also keeps you professional for future contact with the interviewer and the company.

job offer rejection letter template

Also from the Template Lab, this template lets you put in your own words why you’re declining an offer while giving instructions. You can check out these templates for replying to job rejection emails.

Download: Template Lab (Free)

9. Letter of Termination

If you are currently in a situation where terminating employees is part of your business, it is a smart idea to have a resignation letter template. In most cases, this kind of task is quite unpleasant, so the template will make it easier for you.

letter of recommendation (1)

Another useful job-related template from Vertex42, Resignation Letter, explains what you need. With a formal and specific termination date, reasons, advance notices, and details of company articles and indemnities, this template is ideal.

Download: Vertex 42 (Free)

10. Letter of recommendation

If you’re in a position of authority, another template to have on hand is a letter of recommendation. Inevitably, companies lose good employees all the time. And if someone asks you to provide a reference letter, a template can help you say the right words.

job offer rejection letter (1)-1

This Microsoft Office template is a little more attractive than other letter templates, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. The language is professional and direct.

Download: Microsoft 365 (free)

Microsoft Word business letter templates

If you are a Microsoft Word user, you may have already explored the many templates available.

Just keep going File then select New to open the templates section. You can choose Business then under the search field letters on the right. Or just write the words business letters in the search field to display the results.

11. Letter of acceptance of offer

Formal acceptance of the offer is often required in writing. By keeping a sample letter handy for this situation, you can speed up communication and get things done.

Proposal acceptance letter template

Download: Word Excel Templates (Free)

12. Letter of Authority

Permission letter sample template

When it’s time to start work, you can use a formal letter of authorization to start work. It can remind you of the conditions and features of the work to be done. You can easily adapt it to work conditions.

Download: Word Excel Templates (Free)

13. Business Proposal Template for Freelancers

Freelance proposal template

A business proposal letter is used by a freelancer to promote their work and pitch their ideas to potential clients. The letter should include information on why the client would benefit from hiring the freelancer and examples of past work.

Download: Template.Net (Free)

Business letter templates can speed up your workflow

Business letters are a good way to maintain formal contact and administrative contact with current and potential clients and employees. There are some important points to keep in mind when writing business correspondence. Each letter has its own style and format that helps the reader understand your message.

Whether you write business letters regularly or occasionally, having a template can definitely save you time and give you the right direction on what to write.

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