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Know how to evaluate

When you love biathlon, you don’t come to disparage a champion of the caliber of Johannes Boe when you say that you fell under the spell of the discipline thanks to the enthusiasm born from the Martin Fourcade years.

We don’t come to play cretins and write nonsense on social networks, it happens all too often in France, the hypothetical seizure of banned products dominates the discipline.

It is clear, and we have no doubt, that Johannes Boe is a neat and clean athlete, and if you don’t like his display, go to tennis or football, where the scores are often uncertain.

Perfectly prepared this year, unlike last season, the Norwegian is stronger than ever and there is nothing surprising in doing so in his thirties.

Of course, when we are used to spawning with Martin Fourcade, then Quentin Fillon Maillet, it is difficult for a tricolor fan to be satisfied with a season, much less brilliant so far, but this is how the sport is made and that is why we love it. , also.

And as Emilien Jacqueline pointed out this week, even if it’s difficult, you have to know how to appreciate the chances of seeing such talent in biathlon.


After his success in the sprint, there was little doubt about the outcome of this chase, which would fold as soon as the shots were fired. By achieving 10/10, Johannes Boe placed himself at the center of Route 66.

A very wide road connecting Illinois with California, an even wider road that led Johannes Boe to his 66th career success without even skiing the last turn.

In the demonstration, in player mode with ultra-fast standing shots, the Norwegian will then take the time to clap the hands of the fans throughout the final lap with a big smile.

At the top of his game, with the 4th Globe almost in his pocket, he offered his 11th success of the winter with 18/20 shots from 14 races and nearly 40 seconds ahead of the runner-up.

Laegreid is great

Once again, this giant Sturla Laegreid has destroyed all the competition and completes his pursuit with a sensational 20/20 result. This biathlete is also phenomenal and it’s time to appreciate him at his fair value.

Let’s applaud Martin Ponsiluoma’s performance behind two untouchables. Hanna Oeberg’s friend, who was 2nd in the sprint, for once, was able to be very efficient in the chase.

He finished a fine 3rd place in 1 minute 02 with only two faults.

Roman Rees, the top German, finished 4th in 1 minute 34 and Johannes Dale, the author of the great comeback, was 5th, already 2 minutes, which was terrible from his team-mate.

Norway’s new signing Vetle Kristiansen finished a fine 6th place, ahead of two Swiss contenders Niklas Hartweg and Sebastian Stalder.

Tricolor Anxiety

After the sprint, the French biathletes, who were not very well placed, except for Emilien Jacquelin, avoided this pursuit, especially in terms of gap. Too much uncertainty in the shot, everyone will lose big while lying down.

And that won’t get any better as the race progresses, with a very disappointing final balance going into this last race before the world championships.

Quentin Fillon Maillet 13th with 4 faults over 2 minutes 45, Emilien Jacquelin 14th with 5 faults 3 minutes, Fabien Claude 23rd with 6 faults, Oscar Lombardot 33rd with 17/20 and Antonin Guigondi 8 is in the 8th place.

Suffice it to say, we’ll have to quickly forget about this poor overall result and hit the “reset” button as soon as possible to go global.

Continue with the relay on Sunday

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