Hungary: Anti-Orbán media funded by the Socialist group in the European Parliament

The press in Hungary is “so silent” (sic) that it can freely engage in the most dangerous Orbanophobia under the auspices of Sorosia, in collaboration with the AFP and the European Commission. fact checkingFrom the US State Department ($740,000) or from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S.&D). Yet the mainstream media myth about the “disturbing” state of press freedom in Hungary melts like snow in the sun.

Nyugati FenyThe media that eats Orba from morning to night

Less professional than other Hungarian media, Nyugati Feny“Lumière de l’Ouest” in French is a site that attacks the Orbán government in a sometimes borderline style. trash and retreat from any attack advertising man.

It would almost be possible to categorize it as a tabloid because the level of this digital media caressing the slums. Quietly, many journalists working in the more serious Orbano-critical media willingly admit this: Nyugati Feny is a real trash can. But its message is simple and clear, and it makes it possible to reach a more diverse public than urban graduates: Western Europe is the Garden of Eden, while Hungary is a hell whose people are mired in misery and oppressed by a dark group. kleptocrats who deserve to disappear under the Brussels ramp lights like vampires.

S group&D puts his hand in his pocket

Our Hungarian colleagues from the Transparent Journalism Foundation (Transzparens Újságirásért Alapítvány — has just uncovered a case that speaks volumes about the lies being told about press freedom in Hungary by Western European mainstream media.

S group&D of the European Parliament pays Nyugati Feny to have an advertisement attachment on this site. All this is not in the period of election campaign in Europe, and besides, S&D is not a party, but a group that Hungarian voters cannot vote for directly. No need for long studies to understand the trick: S group&D found a roundabout way to finance this Hungarian media. According to our colleagues, it is a real problem in terms of the sovereignty of the Hungarian press and media

A few days before this case came to light, the founder and editor-in-chief Nyugati Feny, Victor Mandula resigned. Only “sick brains” will see the connection between Mandula’s resignation and future revelations. On the other hand, what is certain is that this Mandula never hid his support for DK (Hungary’s first opposition party, the Democratic Coalition) and the tricks Viktor Orbán caused him.

Therefore, the Hungarian media, which attacks Viktor Orbán from morning to night, is partly financed by the money of the European Parliament and, therefore, the French taxpayer, who finances the activities of his groups. At the same time, the French press, subsidized by the same money from the French taxpayer, has been telling us for years that Hungary’s “free and independent” press (understand the one on the right side of the handle) is being strangled to death by the scoundrel Orbán. But that’s not all!

Where the shoe gets tighter

S&D is currently in crisis due to “Qatargate”, a corruption scandal that began in December 2022 and involved several members of the group accused of taking money from Qatar in exchange for protecting the interests of this extremely rich Arabian peninsula. The European parliament. The case is so big – it’s now heard even in Morocco – that the subsidized media had no choice but to pass it on and corner those who were interested.

Therefore, it is quite ridiculous to mention the registration of Hungarian MPs in the S group&Tirelessly rallying against “the thieving, corrupt and homophobic Orbán”, D has spent years swimming in the money of his socialist colleagues in Qatar, a small country that has served as a backstop for the Muslim Brotherhood, practiced serfdom and is unrecognised. It is particularly friendly towards gays, let alone LBGT activists.

This group includes the crème de la crème of the Hungarian opposition. First, Klara Dobrev narrowly lost the United Opposition nomination against Péter Márki-Zay to challenge Viktor Orbán in April 2022. At the same time, the talented and intelligent socialist politician Istvan Ujhelyi takes with him the gifts received by the Chinese. authorities (cases noted by Direkt36, a Hungarian investigative site with ties to the Soros galaxy, not by an obscure conspiracy site).

Hungarian MP István Ujhelyi takes a selfie with Greek MP Eva Kaili, who is currently indicted and imprisoned for accepting payments from Qatar.


Nyugati Fenya media outlet close to the party of former prime minister Ferenc Dyurcsány

No wonder Nyugati FenyFerenc Dyurcsány, who was the socialist prime minister from 2004 to 2009, and his wife Klara Dobrev, founded in 2015, belongs to the Democratic Coalition (DK), member of the European Parliament, primary candidate of the opposition in 2022, leader of the “shadow government”. DK and grandson of the communist cleric and executioner of the 1956 rebels, Antal Apró. Dyurcsány and his wife command considerable wealth and produce several political professionals.

In Hungary, it is fashionable to say that Ferenc Dyurcsány (b. 1961) is the second most talented politician of his generation, after Viktor Orbán (b. 1963) – he learned his trade in the youth movements of dying socialism. The 80s and its teeth in the “democratic” jungle of the 90s. The man behind the Balatonőszöd scandal and the 2006 demonstrations, Dyurcsány is a terror for Fidesz voters and the national right.

But Gyurcsány, the dinosaur, still rules, and Fidesz also finds a presence there, because the man inspires hatred among many Hungarians. His party DK (currently Hungary’s second party with 14% of voting intentions) is the only opposition party worthy of the name and has a real apparatus operating outside Budapest. If Dyurcsány is pleading for a “United States of Europe”, an idea that appeals to certain poles of Budapest’s intellectual bourgeoisie, he also knows how to use his stupidity to deceive provincial voters, a rarity in the Hungarian opposition.

This is where a project likes it Nyugati Feny meaningful. Stepping in to rally an electorate in dire straits. We recognize the touch of a professional on another level: the publishing company Western Light s.r.o Nyugati Feny, which the pro-Fidesz media call “Blog Gyurcsány” or “Blog DK” is in Slovakia. A well-known process in Hungary is used by many crafty Hungarian entrepreneurs for tax purposes.

After reading all of the above, perhaps the French taxpayers will realize that the mainstream media is taking them for turkeys, turkeys who should not know where and how some of their taxes are being evaporated through the SD group of the European Parliament.

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