Almike Moussa N’Diaye’s first words after being injured by Eric Bailly

EXCLUSIVE RMC SPORTS – The interview is scheduled to be on air at RMC to hear from him. But Hyères FC player Almike Moussa N’Diaye, who was injured by Éric Bailly in the French Cup round of 32, has opted out of a recorded interview because he still feels “pain when talking”. So the exchange took place in writing. The memory of the injury is still fresh, but the midfielder, who claims he holds no grudge against Eric Bailly, is well covered.

RMC Sport: How are you, what pain do you feel today?
Almike Moussa N’Diaye: First of all, thank you for your promise. As for my injuries, they are alive to this day, especially in the liver and ribs. I am slowly recovering. It’s not easy mentally, but thanks to the support of those around me, I’m standing.

Are you still traumatized by the shock or are you still in a good mood?
The shock and the minutes that followed were traumatic, it’s true. The following days were also filled with emotional trials. It was an important game and season in my career. I know that several professional clubs are watching me and this injury could hinder my ambitions. This match was the perfect opportunity to show my qualities, and the injury I got at the beginning of the match prevented it.

That’s the hardest part for me: being away from the field. I miss football.

Do you know how much you risk missing out on football?
No, it’s too early to tell. I went on ITT (temporary incapacitation) for 30 days after my liver, kidney and rib were damaged. I have not done any physical activity till now. Doctors advise to recover before two to three months, but it will depend on the evolution of my health. That’s the hardest part for me: being away from the field not knowing when I can continue. I hope to be back soon because I miss football.

What are your memories of the shock and the aftermath with Éric Bailly?
I remember Eric Bailly was hesitant to attack the ball. I took this opportunity to increase my speed and I think it surprised him. That is why he found himself late and committed this sin. Then I feel a great pain in my chest. I threw up directly on the floor. I immediately realized that I would not be able to continue the match. Then I was evacuated on a stretcher while waiting for the firemen who decided to take me to the hospital in Martigues. It was during the transfer to this hospital that I realized the seriousness of the injuries and the consequences for my season. A great sadness and uncertainty came over me. The doctors gave me morphine to ease the pain. Then, after first aid at the Martigues hospital, it was decided to transfer me to the intensive care unit of the Nord hospital in Marseille for more in-depth monitoring and checks.

I don’t blame Éric Bailly at all, because I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt me.

Éric Bailly came to see you and he calls you regularly: how is your relationship and do you speak against him?
Actually, Eric Bailly came to visit me in the hospital. I felt that he was very touched and apologized profusely for his gesture. This allowed us to discuss and since then he has been hearing from me regularly. It is true that the shock was brutal and his injuries are serious, but I do not blame him at all, because I am sure that he did not intend to hurt me. Injuries are part of the job and every footballer has to accept them.

Eric Bailly with Almike Moussa N'Diaye
Eric Bailly with Almike Moussa N’Diaye © Instagram / ericbailly24

How do you feel about the seven-game suspension he received?
I cannot give my opinion on the sanction received, because it is not my duty to judge. It was definitely decided based on my injuries.

First of all, we wish you a good recovery. Are you well covered?
I received a lot of support and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. First of all my family and especially my younger brother Fode who travels between Hyères and Marseille every day to help and support me. I would also like to thank my club Hyères FC, my president, coach, staff and all my teammates for their visit and participation in this difficult time. I was very surprised by the large number of messages of support from the people of Marseille and even from certain professional players, and I would like to give them a warm welcome.

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