Volleyball (National 3): Gruissan girls gain height

After the “traumatic” relegation of National 2 at the end of last season, the Jonathan Santer-trained group, well supported by Lilia Bildireva, is finding colors. I thank the talented and highly motivated young players.

They are called Olga Basalai, Fanny Maurel, Ysée Jeanclos, Lola Gangloff, Margot Mebrouk, Lilou Santer, Nikita Etienne, Inna Mandadjiev, Océane Charrier, Manon Cutillas and Lilia Bildireva, and this season they form the National 3rd women’s team of the Volleyball Club. Gruissan (chicken B). Under coach Jonathan Santer, who is coaching this group for the third year in a row. On the bench, as a rule, we also find the experienced assistant Lilia Bildireva, who, as a rule, only collects on the floor to help …

These girls remain in the relegation zone as they have played in National 2 in recent years. Only with Covid, things went wrong for them. The team had to face many positive situations and this unfortunate situation improved their performance.

17 years on average

But great news in this 2022-2023 season, Santer’s girls are off to a good start. They are currently second in Pool B of Nationale 3 with 16 points. Gruissan are two points behind leaders Issoire, where Audoises managed to pick up a point last week (3-2 defeat).

The Griissanais have therefore lost just three times in the league so far. Only, this hen is very homogeneous and is only one unit behind the ASLJ Croix d’Argent Montpellier Santer daughters. There is a difference of only 7 points between 9 pointse, Brive and Gruissan (out of a total of ten clubs). At the end of the season, knowing that the top team in each group is promoted in National 2 and the bottom two are relegated, the best runner-up in each group also has a chance of promotion. Therefore, there is still hope for Gruissan, who did not expect such a party at the beginning of the season. Fingers crossed…

“We are satisfied with the work done so far” Jonathan Santer rejoices. “Especially because we’re the youngest group in this pool with an average age of 17. After that, you have to know that you can rise very quickly in this championship because you fall very quickly.” One certainty: for this National 3 team from Gruissan, it is renewal. “We had a trauma last year. There, with players who are happy to develop together, a very homogeneous group, very anxious, never giving up, we are relieved to see how it went… In addition, the Sablou gymnasium, it’s beautiful”, Jonathan Santer says.

This Sunday at 15:00 in Sablou, precisely, Gruissan hosts Gignac (4).e with 13 points) he also has a fairly young squad.

In front of the VCG network

Olga Basalai, graduate

This 23-year-old Belarusian is very important for this National 3 team, he is the leader of this collective, he collects very important points for his colors. “He puts us at ease, he’s precise, he’s very strong, he doesn’t talk about it, he fits in perfectly, he’s taking French lessons… He’s brilliant in every way,” coach Jonathan Santer emphasizes.

Ysée Jeanclos, star of Issoire

Last week at Issoire (3-2 loss), it was Ysée Jeanclos who stood out, allowing Gruissan to take a point from Puy-de-Dôme. “He had a crazy match”Jonathan Santer says.

Nikita Etienne, captain

Nikita is a leader, he leads the team and group. It is trust and respect.

Girls train?

“I would say that with boys coaching, not much really changes… Psychologically, it’s almost the same. Girls are less into duels… In training, they don’t necessarily think about crushing the other. They tend to learn more and be kinder, for sure. all the same”, Jonathan Santer notes.


Volley-Club Gruissan, chaired by Régis Cazaute, has a total of 80 members.

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