THE INTERVIEW. Volleyball. “Such a group is unique,” said Chizoba, Nantes sharp

With the rise of Saint-Nazaire LAM, the name “derby” no longer does justice to these oppositions against Poitiers. Nevertheless, the meeting remains unique for many reasons and especially for the sharp Nantes-Rezéen Chizoba, who has spent the last three seasons in Poitou. Interview with the 26-year-old Brazilian, who is the top scorer of the championship.

How do you feel before facing your former teammates?

Chizoba: “All matches are special, but this one is even better: I have a lot of best friends in front of me. I know them and they know me. Javier (Concepcion) has already started messaging me (laughs) “.

You are currently at the top of the LAM leaderboard. Is it important to you?

“Of course! The first goal is for the team to finish as high as possible, but to get there you have to set individual goals. Mine is to be the best and sharpest scorer in the championship.”

What made you join NRMV last summer?

“I had great seasons in Poitiers, but I was in the comfort zone, I wanted to get out of it. I came to Nanta to surpass myself.”

It’s a dream season, as it is together…

“We have a very balanced team, it’s easy for me to perform with these teammates and our reception is without a doubt the best in the League.”

Your relationship with smuggler Anatole Chaboissant also seemed natural right away…

“Anatole is the baby of the team (laughs). He is an extremely talented player who works very hard. He is able to think ahead and put the ball where he wants. For me, he is the future of the French national team.

The whole club seems to be on cloud 9 this season…

“The president, staff, players… Everyone is getting along well. We know how to laugh, but we also know how to work hard. The goal of the team is always to surpass itself. But if we give so much, it is to make all these people happy. “Seasons with so many victories, I want to live more, but with a group like this, it’s unique.”

How far can this NRMV go?

“The dream of all players and all teams is to become a champion. But it would be great to qualify for the Champions League.”

Nantes-Rezé MV

1. Gueye (center, 1.98 m, 25 years) – 2. Bazin (c) (pass, 1.90 m, 39 years) – 3. Chaboissant (pass, 1.80 m, 18 years) – 4. Galtie (reception) / attack, 1.95 m, 19 years old) – 5. Magnin (center, 2.04 m, 19 years old) – 6. Wang-Xi (pointy, 1.91 m, 20 years old) – 7. Huetz (center, 2.00m, 22 years) – 10. Toral (reception/attack, 1.93m, 25 years) – 12. Pasquier (libero, 1.75m, 19 years) – 13. Lemeur (libero, 1.84m, 21 years old) – 15. Montes (center, 35 years old, 2.02 m) – 16. Chizoba (pointer, 2.00 m, 25 years old) – 17. Lopez (reception/attack, 1.90 m, 27 years old) – 18. Horvat (reception/attack), 1.96 m, 23 years old) – 19. Massimino (free, 1.77 m, 34 years old)

Head coach: Hubert Henno

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