The importance of sharing your links and content with your audience

Building trust with your audience is the best way to engage them. This interactive gateway turns your prospect into a customer and makes your structure known to a wider audience, especially by sharing your links and content online. I explain in great detail the importance of this digital marketing strategy and how to get the most out of it.

Feel free to share your website links on your social networks

Companies are already aware of the challenges of virality on the Internet. Social networks serve as a support for effective and instant communication to diversify your sources of customer attraction. Share it social media links This includes improving your online reputation, knowing your audience’s expectations, and increasing your website traffic.

However, like search engines, you have to deal with complex SEO algorithms to reach your goals on these platforms. If you are planning to increase your brand visibility sharing attractive links on social networks, I suggest you choose your media carefully. Content that delivers the best results on social media:

  • infographics,
  • pictures,
  • story,
  • live videos,
  • podcasts…

don’t hesitate share links to your website by starting a contest, posting a quote, or submitting your customer testimonials.

Use the link shortener to share them more easily

If it’s important to share your links with your audience, it’s even more important to do it professionally. Links that are too long are considered spam and usually have very little traffic. Then I suggest using a link shortener share your content online to gain readability and aesthetics. The character saving that this tool provides is ideal for the success of your SMS marketing campaigns and paper campaigns. Short links also give you a huge advantage on social platforms.

I’m thinking specifically of Twitter, which limits the number of characters. L’interest of the link shortener is also located in auxiliary functions that allow access. Professional tools allow you to collect and generate statistics to know the number of clicks, especially after sharing your links. In addition to helping you better understand your audience, this analytics feature is useful for determining the ideal time to post and the platforms you’re most engaged with.

Which platform should you choose to shorten your links?

There are many solutions online to shorten your links, but I advise you to carefully choose the platform you want to perform this operation on. Guaranteeing the sovereignty of your data as well as GDPR compliance are the main selection criteria. So why not reduce your links on A French professional tool, this URL reducer is available without registration and allows shorten your links quickly. It also includes a module for sharing the result via SMS or social networks. In general, I suggest you choose a platform that gives you access to statistics features. In particular, try to know:

  • number of clicks,
  • Geographical location,
  • click date and time,
  • the type of device your audience is using.

So it is possible to improve yourself link sharing strategy and even customize them with your domain name. Finally, you can choose to use the API of your chosen platform to build your optimized links directly into your digital ecosystem.

Feel free to use QR codes to share your content

QR code is the tool of choice for easy transition from physical code to digital. Create direct link to information page or an article on your site, focusing on aesthetic, creative and playful code. To successfully reach your target and stand out from the competition, I suggest you customize your QR codes. Replace classic black and white pixels with colorful elements.

Create a unique design, incorporate a logo or enhance the image while preserving it flash code markers of your tool. With this approach, you improve your branding and public visibility. For example, by building your links using pixel retargeting, you can convert prospects who are hesitant to buy your product or use your service. The trick is to integrate a tracker that works as a notification to increase your visibility.

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Best ways to promote link clicks

A higher click-through rate translates into better audience conversion and higher revenue. Whether it’s an ad, an email marketing campaign, or a sales page, the principle remains the same. For this you need to apply persuasive strategies encourage your target to click on your links.

Offer more information

Note that, share a link on the internet useless without an effective call to action (CTA). Rather than “force” your target to click by insisting on this action, I suggest adding value with very high-quality information. By understanding your audience’s needs and sharing enough useful information in your posts, you’ll be sure to grab their attention. The idea is to show the reader that they are dealing with a reliable source of information without revealing the entire solution. CTAs like “learn more” or “click here for more” are very effective in generating engagement.

Send a clear and direct message

When it comes to conversion, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a clear and direct message. Tell your readers what to do with messages like “get started now…” followed by a short sentence like “what do you want to learn”. Make sure yours the switch is placed far from these signals encouraging your viewers to click. Also prioritize educational content so that internet users know exactly the contours of your offer.

Offer a free trial

Free trials generally generate a high signup rate. The reason for this observation is simple: the word “trial” is far from being as binding as “subscription”. This implies the absence of obligations. After this experience, the Internet user who registers has the feeling of choosing your product rather than applying it. The free trial can be terminated at any time in case of dissatisfaction. This is a situation where the consumer finds the bill. But the company behind this campaign is the beneficiary. Indeed, if the tests lead to positive feedback, you can count on the potential of social networks to increase the number of registrations tenfold.

Create a sense of urgency

one of the unstoppable techniques for suggest clicking on the link it’s a sense of urgency. By selling your product as a limited offer, you pique the interest of your readers. Potential customers then feel the competition, and the fear of missing out often outweighs hesitation. I’m not asking you to invent an inevitable shortage to make more sales.

The idea is to highlight your offer’s deadline with a message like “order today” or “offer valid until …”. This creates a sense of urgency that reinforces the scarcity of your service or product. You can by limiting the number of seats in a training, presentation or webinar reach your sales goals. All you have to do is choose your approach!

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