Sports in Alençon: weekend program

USBD Alençon basketball players will host Caen-Hérouville on Saturday, January 21, hoping to do better than last weekend against Bihorel. ©Archive L’Orne hebdo


National 3. The moody and rainy weather dominated the duel between the prefectures Saint-Lo and USA Alencon last weekend. Vincent Laigneau men’s tie postponed and return to grass Saturday 21 January, home, away Grand Quevilly.

A promoted Senomarine build that suffered in this championship. His rating (penultimate) confirms this.

A great opportunity for the Greens to finally get off to a good start in 2023 and start counting the victories they still need to win to get maintenance. A number that Dukes City tactician Vincent Laigneau reckons is 7.

But avoid the trap against a Rouen team already on pace and vengeful after losing their comeback against AG Caen (4-1) last week.

USA Alençon v Grand-Quevilly, Saturday 21 January, 18:00, Stade Jacques-Fould.

Regional 1F. Attracting a top 3 team to confirm the progress noted was one of the priority goals of the Mauger-Monnier duo. Double meals will be provided during the two days of the championship’s resumption.

After a collective and deserved victory (1-0) against Cherbourg, where Maude Fournage’s partners showed character and solidarity, they will have to confirm when accepting this result. AG Caen.

The Calvados team, less lively this season, is still a good engine in the championship. And even if it were otherwise, Cassandra Leroy and Co. they will want to erase the insults they suffered last season in Jacques-Fould’s synthetic form (1-8).

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USA Alençon v AG Caen, Sunday, January 22, 2:30 p.m., Stade Jacques-Fould.


male prenational. A nice slap, a nasty slap. The first match of the second round of the season did not go well for the players of Latifah Rhennam.

A defeat with A final gap of about twenty units against Bihorel B (76-55) What surprises you and demands a reaction first against another reserve team at home, especially pride, Caen-Herouville. For another result. Either way, one thing is for sure, Black needs to get off their guard and show his teeth.

USBD Alençon – Caen-Hérouville, Saturday, January 21, 8 p.m., Louvre gym.

Female Prenational. Normandy Bridge or Tankarville Bridge? It doesn’t matter which one, one thing is certain: Alexis Banz’s players will have to cross the Seine to play their next championship match. To whom Epouville-ManegliseA large city about twenty kilometers north of Le Havre.

After maintaining their good form with a win over Barentin (64-49), Amandine Demoré’s team-mates will travel to Seine-Maritime for a second consecutive success.

Épouville-Maneglise – USBD Alençon, Sunday 22nd January at 16:00.


Male and female perfection. then a big break monthtwo formations The perfection of the Alençon/Saint-Germain treaty Returning to the field with the passion to do the same as in the first phase. Of course, a rival at home for both teams, but at the antipodes of each other.

The men He will face a team from the soft underbelly of the championship, in this case Brehalto work women it will be a lot of work to resist Devilthe team they are behind in the standings.

A victory for the women and this is a guarantee of climbing to the third step of the box. A man’s win and it’s a guarantee of staying in touch with the top three.

Alençon/Saint-Germain – Treaty of Brehal, Saturday 21 January, 21:00, Montfoulon gymnasium.

Alençon/Saint-Germain – Devil’s contract, Sunday 22 January at 16:00, Montfoulon gymnasium.

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