Pape Massata Diak, suspected of being at the center of a 2011 Russian doping cover-up and summoned to appear before the Paris Court of Appeal on January 13, took the stand to plead to any charges. Primarily embezzlement from sponsorship revenue belonging to the IAAF. In a historical summary, he gave a timeline of his work with the world athletics body and his role in executing marketing deals that he said helped boost revenue to $18 million. In the press release he received yesterday, the Pamodzi president also speaks with the genesis of the French justice’s accusations about the administration of President Lamine Diack and his ruthlessness against his personality.

Pape Massata Diack ( PMD ), convicted in default of a corruption appeal in the Russian doping scandal and summoned to appear in the case this Friday, is suspected of orchestrating a scheme of corruption and embezzlement of around €15 million thanks to commissions deemed “excessively high” by the IAAF- dismissed all charges related to misappropriation of income.

In a document published on Wednesday, two days before he was called to appear this Friday, the former marketing officer of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) and president of Pamodzi strongly objected to suspicions about who attended the IAAF meeting on sponsorship deals. . The marketing agent aimed to go back extensively on the collaboration with the world athletics body and various operations with Dentsu, which was selected as the official agency for 2001-2009.


“It should also be remembered that the IAAF received 9.3 million US dollars from Dentsu before signing the contract with Papa Massata Diack. His consulting work has enabled the organization to raise $18 million a year. The sale of the official mandate and sponsorship agreements (signed with Dentsu) to sponsors benefited the Iaaf, which was neither a signatory nor an executive,” he noted before recalling the history. It led to the implementation of the IAAF and the agency in question. “The reasons for my cooperation with IAAF are primarily related to my participation in the internal working group chaired by Helmut Diegel between May and September 2001 after the bankruptcy of ISL Marketing AG. This resulted in Dentsu’s rights as an official Agency worth US$94 million from 2001-2009. Occasional participation in the Marketing and Promotion Commission in July 2006 with Lamine Diack, Helmut Digel, Sebastian Coe, Jung-Ki Park, Valentin Balakhnichev, Isiah Kiplagat, Dahlan Al Hamad, Mynos Kyriakou, Pierre Weiss, Anti Philakoski. Denstu was attacked because it could not find sponsors other than Japanese companies (TDK, SEIKO, MIZUNO, EPSON, TBS, TOYOTA),” he explains before continuing: “Pape Massata Diak proposed to the Commission to focus its exploration work on developing BRICS countries . , South Korea, Mexico, North/South Africa and the Caribbean The mandate to find sponsors at the local level and represent Dentsu/AMS for commercial presentations was given by Lamine Diack and Pierre Weiss. Back in September 2006, Moscow, but nobody wanted to go!!! It seemed that the IAAF and Denstu did not understand the news realities of the global economy.


Pape Massata Diack believes that the accusations of French justice led to the administration of his late father, the former president of the IAAF, Lamine Diack, were a way of insulting the leadership of the president Lamine Diack. “This seems important given the accusations by the French courts and the new leadership of the IAAF seeking to criticize the leadership of Lamine Diack when he was a member of the Marketing Commission between 2001 and 2015. Ascension (2003 – 2007), chaired by German Vice President Helmut Diegel) and Vice President and current President Lord Sebastian Coe from 2007 to 2015. In addition, the manager of the marketing and public relations agency CSM (Chime Sport Marketing) affiliated with the WPP group (Martin Sorell), who knows the world of Sports Marketing well. He personally approved all reports submitted to the IAAF Executive Board, Council and Congress between 2003 and 2015.”


Pape Massata Diak also confirms and demonstrates that he is the object of persecution. “I think this harassment against me is a personal problem because Mr. Joe tried everything through the late Jean Marie Weber (former CEO of ISL Marketing AG), Helmut Diegel and above all Nick Davies (former Communications Director and IAAF Deputy) . Secretary General) to address me in view of the 2014/2015 presidential campaign. He traveled with me three times in May 2014 in Shanghai (with Helmut Diegel and Nick Davies during the IAAF Diamond League meeting), in Beijing (during the IAAF Council meeting in Shanghai in April 2015) and finally in the Bahamas (by himself). came to meet. At the request of Helmut Diegel, he came to my room to ask for my support and a copy of the report I submitted to the IAAF Marketing Commission on 3 May 2015. Project at ISL Marketing (Lucerne, Switzerland) from 1990 to 1996, responsible for athletics and football since September 1995 (in South Africa).

Pape Massata Diak organized more than 45 competitions in Africa and raised more than 12 million euros for the African Athletics Confederation, chaired by Lamine Diak (1973 – 2003). Pape Massata Diak, who returned with all the supporting documents and accounting documents for the contract with Dentsu, believes that it would be a “false and false accusation” to say that he is a “powerful head of marketing”. “After reading the IAAF/Dentsu 2001-2009 agreement negotiated and signed by Helmut Diegel in Tokyo on September 16, 2001, I understand that the IAAF no longer has commercial and television rights. Everything belonged to Dentsu. My role was limited to reaching out to AMS and organizing meetings. Helmut Digel and Pierre Weiss represented the IAAF on the Board with Dentsu and the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Between 2007 and 2009, after doing research at the expense of the IAAF, I requested the signing of a “Sales Consultancy Agreement” between Dentsu and Pamodzi Sports Consulting, because the IAAF never paid me a commission while it saw two new VTB contracts. Bank and Samsung Electronics for the World Series of Athletics, Daegu 2011 and Moscow 2013 World Championships.

In December 2006, the IAAF hired Luis Angel Carulla, a Swiss national, as Director of Sales and Marketing, who reports to the President and Secretary General. He was in office until March 2012″, he adds, adding that all the contracts collected by Dentsu and AMS were the subject of a financial table discussed with Vice President Marketing, Helmut Diegel, General Secretary Pierre Weiss (1997/2011) . ) and Essar Gabriel (2011/2015), Marketing Director Luis Carulla and Finance Director Charline Hering. “All the contracts collected by Dentsu and AMS are Helmut Diegel, Vice President of Marketing, General Secretary Pierre Weiss (1997/2011) and Essar Gabriel ( 2011/2015) was the subject of the financial table discussed with , Marketing Director Luis Carulla and Finance Director Charline Hering. “Pamodzi never took part in this accounting reconciliation because he was in Monaco and never collected the amounts except for the signed VTB 2007/2015 contract for the payment of taxes and commissions,” the administrator recalls. Pamodzi.

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