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Nimes Olympia

Goalkeeper Wade. Nîmes Olympique, which was eliminated from Grenoble in the 32nd final of the French Cup (1:0), will not play any official games this weekend. So, to keep the momentum going, Frédéric Bompard organized an internal opposition this morning at the Costier stadium. The squad decided on mixed teams, mixing starters and substitutes. After the second half, the shortened match lasted only 20 minutes. “We had a great week of training. We have to go about 30 km in a week without matches, we are at 40 km there, so it started to suck., justifies the Nimes coach who wants to avoid injuries. Only one goal was scored during this clash through Paul Wade, who was on trial this week. ” He came back to play with the Nice reserve, we take time to think about himThe coach who wants to see more goals continues, It was good in preparation with the ball, we stayed structured. I also remember that we had a hard time finishing. » Doucouré, Thomasen and Labonne are the three players absent from this match. The Dane has completed his rehabilitation and will resume with the group on Monday. As for the Lorient side, they will only be able to face Niort and Guingamp. Better than Frédéric Bompard Bastide, he would still like to use the Costières lawn to train there. Rani Assaf, whose operation contract expired at the end of January, is negotiating with the City administration on this issue. The Gators are off this weekend and will return to training on Monday to prepare for the crucial host of Niort on Saturday January 28th at 7pm. Notably, the Gators will host St. Etienne on Monday, February 20 at 8:45 p.m. for the shock of Day 24.


Lou Derisburg, returning from a torn cruciate ligament, has been called up for this friendly tournament (Photo Archive Anthony Maurin) • ANTHONY MAURIN

Seven people are missing in the Alps. This afternoon, USAM traveled to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Savoie) to participate in a friendly tournament in the Alps. A competition involving four teams in which Nims will play two matches. The first is against Montpellier tonight at 20:00 and the second tomorrow at 15:00 against Dijon or Chambéry. It’s about finding a rhythm before the season officially resumes with the French Cup quarter-finals in Aix on February 3. Seven professionals are absent from the 16 players selected for this trip to the Alps. Sanad, Hesham and Baznik are at the World Cup, Sissoko, Kamtchop-Baril, Tesio and Demaille are injured in the elbow. Thus, Ljubomir Vranjes completed his squad by calling Guéric Vincent, Baptiste Joblon, Clément Esparon, Remi Peyre (right wing), Lou Derisbourg and two goalkeepers Louis Quaze and Thibaut Le Bourghis from the training center. Gallego and Rebichon, who learned at the end of the trip yesterday that they would not be extended, were indeed called up. It should be noted that USAM will play its third friendly match on January 25 in Parnassus at 19:30 against the Spanish Granollers team. Admission will be free.

The Nîmes group was selected: Gouaze, Le Bourhis; Rebichon, Vincent, Acquevillo, Minel, Esparon, Derisbourg, Konradsson, Tobie, Gibernon, Peyre, Poyet, Gallego, Joblon, Dupuy.


calligaro aguilar halls

Guillaume Aguilar, RCN Manager, President Steeve Calligaro and Administrative Director Alexandre Salles • Corentin George

Aguilar cautions. During this morning’s press conference at the Drop, RCN manager Guillaume Aguilar took the opportunity to assess the start of the season and a positive first half. “We intend to regain our first place. This is what we want. Tasting the first place satisfied the players’ appetite », comments to the person concerned as his team moves on to second, ninth-placed Rumilli this Sunday at 3:15 p.m. The Championship’s best defense is without two players until the end of the season: Charles Robb (Crusaders) and right-back Paul Oliver. He might even have to end his career because of neck problems. With another right column Revazi Tsiklauri injured, the RCN called for a medical joke. This is Nikolaz Kardava (21), a Georgian from Aurillac for six months. Everything should be settled next week. At this press point, the Nimes coach responded regarding a possible promotion to the National this season, “We have to go step by step. The goal is to get to the final stage. Then we will go out to win all the matches. If we win the right, we will go, but that is not the goal in itself. If we want to go up, we have to build a national team. »

XV Nimes for Rumilli: Duprat, Phalip, Barbet – Gely, Gonzalez – Vernier (cap.), Llabres, Kelly – Phillips, Sabbia – Lakafia, Roche, Guillimin, R. Pichard – S. Roche. Substitutes: Marra, Nierat, Sparano, Roca, Barnerias, Chastaing, Bowman, Nouri, Demars.

Corentin George

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