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Discover a summary of competitions and tenders won by agencies, advertising agencies and marketing service providers every week. This week: Publicis Conseil, Raymonde, Mlle Pitch, Thomas Marko & Associés, Belemon, Vianova, Marx, KR Wavemaker, Havas Paris, OneStock, Curius, Dix Heures Dix, CitrusAd, B Le Buro, LEON, Dupont Lewis, Yucatan, paris , Fred & Farid Shanghai and dentsu.


After the tender announcement, female Supports Zalando, one of Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle platforms, in its international media strategy. The brand wants to consolidate all its media activities within a single group to develop synergies between markets and thus ensure consistency between its international campaigns.

Fred and Farid Shanghai

Fred and Farid Shanghai Chosen by TikTok to develop a campaign for Chinese New Year (January 22, 2023). The agency partnered with Chinese star Andy Lau to create branded film and content for TikTok. Referencing Hongbao’s custom of congratulating red envelopes filled with money during Chinese New Year, the campaign takes the practice to new heights. Instead of money or a mechanism to buy the hongbao, the film opts for a simple and sincere message of good wishes delivered through a traditional Chinese letter written by Andy Lau himself.

TRENDS paris

Partnerships with Puma, Zalando, BoohooMan, Suntory and celio are renewed TRENDS parisfamous marketing agency.


Communication and public relations consulting agency exhilarating The French subsidiary of the Segway-Ninebot group, which sells EDPMs (Personal Motor Vehicles), announces a new customer in the soft mobility sector with the signing. Following the establishment of a French subsidiary in January 2022, Segway-Ninebot has strong growth prospects in Europe and especially in France with the development of electric scooters, scooters and go-karts.

Dupont Lewis

Dupont Lewis expands its services to seven clients and gains two new budgets. The McCormick group draws on the agency’s expertise for influencer campaigns that aim to position Vahiné and Ducros as key home cooking brands. In turn, Extrême extends its collaboration with La Maison Guiot, St Mamet, Lactalis, Saint Louis Sucre, Terres & Céréales and Jacquet Dupont Lewis for an additional year. Social Media support, branding, influence, press relations are on the agenda in 2023.


LEONFounded in 2015 by Gaëlle Legris and Marianne Felce-Dachez, a Media Relations Consulting agency dedicated to social and digital innovation, announces the support of 4 new clients: Be Player One (a digital inclusion solution), Deeploy (consulting company), Effinity ( digital acquisition consulting agency) and Ottho (no code training).

B Le Bureau

B Le Bureau Integrates all beauty brands and partner brands of the Ieva Group into the PR portfolio: Le Boudoir du regard, Ioma, Myieva, Elenature…

Citrus fruit ad

After months of competition, Veepee|ad, Veepee’s Retail Media solution, was selected Citrus Advertising (Publicis)is a technology platform designed for retailers, implementing its Search Media strategy and diversifying its in-place advertising offering.

It’s past ten

Ponant trusts the cruise company It’s past ten digital creative conversion strategy through Sweet Punk, the creative agency of Ekstend Group, which will be responsible for the placement of the digital acquisition strategy in all channels (Google, Meta, etc.), as well as the creation of digital marketing dedicated to conversion Number of Internet users on


InterestingA creative and strategic agency committed to materializing brand commitment, four new budgets (Medialeks, City of Orange, OYAT, Anaveo) and two renewals (Strategies and the MediaSchool group).


Small boat and OneStockThe omnichannel order management and stock unification specialist announces its partnership to enrich and improve the customer experience through multi-channel services that have become the new market standards, while also providing in-store inventory to its digital customers. brand sustainability, better manage the carbon footprint associated with delivery by having the ability to serve customers with nearby warehouse points.

Havas Paris, KR Wavemaker, Marx, Vianova, Belemon

Mousline is relaunching its brand communication! The brand now announces that it has engaged several major agencies to implement various communication campaigns (in-store, digital, TV campaign, radio, etc.). Mousline is thus associated with 5 expert agencies: communication agency Havas Paris (Havas Group) launch advertising campaigns and build the brand platform; media agency KR Wavemaker (WPP Group) support him in setting up media planning; design agency Brands (Groups SGS & Co) confirm the graphic identity of the brand and product packaging; activation agency Belémon supporting him in all marketing operations (in-store operations, games, partnerships…) and agency Vianova supporting it in PR strategy and promoting the brand in BtoB and BtoC.

Thomas Marko & Associates (Venice Group)

Department of Events in connection with the International Agricultural Exhibition 2023 Thomas Marko & Associates (Venice Group)Chosen communication and influence consultant to work on the design, production and animation of the common public and institutional spaces of the French Chambers of Agriculture, the National Association for the Development of High Environmental Value Certification (HVE), the Confederation. Independent winegrowers of France and YARA France.

Miss Pitch

APF France calls the handicap Miss Pitch for media coverage of all his major speeches over the next 6 months. The agency’s mission is to support APF France in increasing its profile and reaffirming its identity among the general public by providing significant media visibility. At the start of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, it is to make visible the association’s fight for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.


French crowdfunding pioneer KissKissBankBank chooses an independent agency after a call for tenders organized in September 2022. Raymonde to communicate about the launch of their new services: a subscription system that allows creators to receive the support of their community over time, a la carte support and crowdfunding on the platform from 0 euros. Raymonde conceived a poster campaign that appeared in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, looking with humor at all the difficulties faced when starting an artistic or entrepreneurial adventure: going through thankless odd jobs, spending a lot of money, facing prejudices. .. The system is supported by press plan and cooperation with Konbini.

Publicis Consulting

Ile-de-France maintains Mobilités Publicis Consulting global strategic consulting services (communication and brand), as well as for the design, creation, adaptation, production, execution and monitoring of the main communication events carried out by the government agency.

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