7 social media and influencer strategies to adopt

At the end of the year, things are swinging on the side of social networks! However, they remain very attractive: we spend an average of 2 hours 27 there per day. So what are the content and influencer strategies for brands in 2023?

“Social networks have overtaken e-commerce sites and blogs to become the number 1 destination on the web and mobile devices”finds Florie Walton, strategic planner, We Are Social, creative agency. Also, the number of users on a global scale has increased to 4.7 billion active users.

It is therefore not surprising that brands are further developing their presence there, either natively or through advertising investment (+27% compared to 1H 2021 for online advertising). social media – source Bump 2022). “The health crisis has revealed a real need for brands to reconnect with their communities by creating greater online intimacy”says J.ulia Cames, General Manager, Hubspot, inbound marketing specialist.

As for social platforms, they confirm their inspirational power: many are making progress in this area The top 100 of the Inspire Score 2022 by Wunderman Thomson and the arrival of TikTok in the same ranking in 2022 are noted. : “In 2023, companies that adopt a social-oriented approach will reap the rewards: stronger brand reputation, greater customer engagement, customer trust and loyalty” confirmed Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer, Hootsuite, a social media management tool, in a press release. So what are the biases that emerge in terms of both the types of content created and the influencer strategy?

1) More originality

“It’s become a buzzword on social platforms, with ‘homemade’ video formats created by content creators reigning supreme and also important to brands.”finds Pierre-Jean Riccini, Marketing and Strategy at Jellyfish, a digital agency. That’s why brands will dare to take more liberties this year content creators during collaboration, but they will also target more micro- and macro-influencers, providing a better commitment rate on average.

“These are profiles with content that is often less altered, closer to reality, and this feeds the transparency challenge that will be embraced by both content creators and brands”, Julia Cames points out. In line with this development, several initiatives aim to better regulate influencer marketing. we can refer to the responsible impact certificate issued byARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) or the ethical impact charter initiated by the Woô agency, already signed by more than 30,000 signatories.

2) And more originality

But he faced the majority content published, the challenge for brands will be greater than ever to develop creative uniqueness! This is something that will avoid another pumpkin pasta recipe post as winter approaches, for example… “Brands, like content creators, need to create interest by defining a clear editorial line and offering content that surprises, entertains or makes users discover things they didn’t know”recommendation Julien le Bescond, Marketing Director of Fnac Darty.

Even social platforms appreciate the originality more than ever: “Indeed, augmented reality on Snapchat represents a more creative reality, allowing brands to offer interactive content through augmented reality lenses. We can take, for example, Carrefour and its digital Christmas tree to discover the cutting-edge toys of this end of the year can be done. In 3D or with virtual fitting of sneakers in some fashion brands, including Gucci. Virtual fitting will be one of the features we want to push strongly in 2023, especially with beauty brands.”entrusts Julie Bogaert, Head of Talent Partnerships EMEA at Snap Inc. and joined Johan Gipch, Head of Content and Creators for Pinterest France and Southern Europe : “Original content is also a key development area for us, so we support brands to create more enriching content and inspire as many users as possible. For example, we recently collaborated with the Louvre. We want you to go behind the scenes of the monument and experience it in real life. a range of original content that invites you to visit”.

Thus, we see the arrival of new profiles on social platforms dedicated to original programs such as TV and VOD. Nadine Zylstra, Pinterest’s Global Head of Programmatic and Originals.

3) Impact as support for video production

Therefore, it is clear that video has become the most attractive format, especially in the vertical and short form, lasting a few seconds. Therefore, it is preferred content creators as well as the brands in their feed: 70% of marketers plan to invest more in TikTok in 2022 (source Hubspot) “The volume of videos posted on Pinterest increased 3 times this year,” said Yohan Gipç bol.

Marketing managers then urge content creators, among others, to support an increasingly consistent frequency of posts: “The explosion of the video format on social networks does not facilitate the speed of content production by brands. That’s why we share our achievements on Darty and Fnac accounts and video content created for us by personalities with know-how. On social networks like Hugo Travers aka @Hugodécrypte or Jamy Gourmaud aka @Epicurieux . It also allows for a lot of insight into our key editorial priorities.”Julien Le Bescond explains.

So avoid over-standardization of posted content in 2023, as evidenced by the petition launched by photographer and influencer Tati Bruening on Change.org to allow Instagram to include photos and static content without hiding its algorithm. trying to look like TikTok at all costs. Signed by over 320,000 people so far!

4) Put society before ego

Moreover, it seems that The most engaging content on social networks is content that offers some added valuewhether for fun or utility: “Content posted in 2023 should be created to serve ‘How to do the same’ rather than ‘See how it is at home’. This is now becoming a mix of photos and videos, sometimes inspirational, sometimes practical and educational with a ‘how to’ approachJohan Gipch, added by Julien Le Bescond, continues: “A commercial approach is not enough, and even on the contrary, there can be an element of disinterest if it is everywhere. You need to alternate inspiration, advice, service, promotional content…”.

A trend that will also be confirmed on the influencer side in 2023 may partly explain why Hootsuite’s latest Social Trends report, a social media management tool, is announcing a decline in influencer marketing investments next year. So it’s better to be in the process of sharing and passing on than looking at any cost to boost your brand or personal ego!

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5) Allow yourself to have spontaneous encounters thanks to digital

By the same logiccommunity centered“, should be expected brands will also strengthen their conversational approach. This will include more exchanges through instant messaging, but also by scheduling meetings with fans and clients on social networks for live sessions.

“That way, they’ll be able to allow themselves to be more spontaneous by inviting their community to connect from time to time on Instagram, Twitch, or even Discord … just to have a good time together and have time to discuss. “Current events or general An exchange around a topic of passion, with no obligation to necessarily repeat”, suggests Julia Cames. Thus, brands will move into a new unifying role that goes beyond commercial and market vocation.

6) Proof speech opportunity

“On top of that social networks, brands also have the opportunity to deliver evidence and highlight their environmental, social and societal responsibilities and actions. That’s what can create an advantage later on,” continues Fanny Bonodot, lead influencer at We Are Social. This explains why. more and more companies are now using Instagram or TikTok to develop their employer image and remain attractive to Generation Z.

This is the strategy chosen by the Accor teams: “It was really important for us to define and then build a coherent editorial strategy: travel and inspiration for all accounts, corporate content and employer image for the Accor accounts. This arbitration helps to better understand the messages shared, but also support our strong recruitment challenge. And even if the topics covered are quite serious, we allow ourselves a fairly relaxed tone and even humor! We also encourage lifestyle influencers to deal with more and more corporate topics, for example, organizing immersion. hotel trade”confirm Mélissa Lévine, vice president social media and influence of the Accor group. Therefore, 2023 will undoubtedly be a year where companies will invest massively in consumer social platforms to address BtoB or employment topics.

7) Stay in the learning process

Finally, the number brands they agree with their subjects social media and influence must be able to continue learning and an iterative model approach: “That’s part of the beauty of collaborating with influencers, which, among other things, makes us discover new formats or creative approaches every day. So we learn with them and with them on a daily basis!”concludes Julien Le Bescond.

He is joined by Mélissa Lévine: “Therefore, do not hesitate to test new ideas regularly and, thanks to a sharp and regular analysis of performance, to adjust the techniques as and when they are already in place. Transparency, consistency, humanization of exchanges… the next year therefore promises to be a collection of goodwill. does, it remains to be seen how brands can realize their ambitions while also adapting to unpredictable changes in the social ecosystem.

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