“We can be buyers” – Pierre Dorion

Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion would certainly be happy to see popular Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds among a possible new group of team owners.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Reynolds, along with other partners, is trying to acquire the team. An avenue that will be positive for everyone, Dorion said Wednesday in an interview with “JiC”.

“Adding Ryan Reynolds to the new ownership group would be a bonus,” he said. We look at what he’s done with the football club (Wrexham), it’s all positive. It would be good for the organization, for our supporters. It would even be good for the National League to be associated with such a great American player!”

Meanwhile, the Franco-Ontarian hockey player is still in touch with the daughters of the late Yevgeny Melnik, who owned the team.

“I exchange emails with him, I talk to them from time to time, but I talk more to the team governor when we make big deals like when we signed Tim Stützle at the beginning of the season. When I make a big trade like Alex DeBrincat, I talk to them about these things. “Girls happen occasionally, but not every day.”

Noting that Reynolds is “very nice,” Dorion said the pending issue isn’t much on the minds of players and hockey decision-makers.

“We are not going to hide that we all want to know who the new owners will be, but our players are professionals and we are preparing as always,” he said.

Buyer or seller?

After a rocky start to the season, the Senators have recovered since late November. If the team were to return to the playoff race in the next few weeks, he could move at the trade deadline rather than as a seller.

“If we stay consistent and win a few games before the trade deadline, I don’t see us as sellers or the status quo: we could be buyers,” Dorion said. We have high hopes, we weren’t afraid to use our draft picks to get DeBrincat in the summer, so if we see a playoff shot, I see us more buyers than sellers.

Dorion also confirmed that he never intended to fire team coach DJ Smith when things went badly early in the schedule.

“We always have to analyze all situations, I thought we played good hockey,” he explained. Looking at the advanced stats, we had more pucks and more scoring chances than other teams. Although our record was not very favorable, the effort was still there. Sometimes the luck of the puck was not on our side.

“I haven’t seen the players leave DJ, the guys have told me clearly that they still believe in him. They worked hard for him and then came back.”

Stützle, the best

With Josh Norris back in action, the Senators are gradually regaining their health and fuller form. But according to Pierre, the team’s best player is young striker Tim Stutz.

“He’s going to be a superstar in the National League, one of the top five or ten players when he matures,” the German said. He is a dynamic player with incredible attacking talent. “He is our best player right now.”

In addition, he forms quite a duo with the rough captain Brady Tkachuk.

“Some grit, physical play, such a high level of skating and execution on Tim’s side, it’s a great thing for our fans to see,” DG concluded.

Plus, Dorion was quick to send flowers to veteran Claude Giroux, who was hired last summer.

“In Claude’s case, he delivers the goods on and off the ice, he assured. “He’s definitely helped Tkachuk and (Thomas) Chabot in terms of leadership in our team, he’s a role model for our young guys, we can only say good things about him now that he’s with us.”

Watch the full interview in the main video.

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