Sports. Dangerous reception for TMB, Coupe de France … Weekend posters in Toulouse

Toulouse Métropole Basket hosts ESB Villeneuve on Saturday, January 21, on behalf of day 10 of the LFB. (©Toulouse Metropolis Basketball)

A big sporting weekend in prospect for the clubs Toulouse. It will open with 16 on Saturday 21 January 2023e of the final French Cup between Utopia and Ajaccio (6 hours). Almost at the same time women Toulouse stadium will meet on the lawn of the Stade Bordelais (6:15 pm) for a clash that should fulfill all its promises.

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Men’s rugby will follow on the road Blagnac in Tarbes (at 7 o’clock). Later in the evening three matches will be played simultaneously: Toulouse Basketball Club It will press the parquet floor of Sables-d’Olonne Toulouse Metropolis Basketball Villeneuve d’Ascq will meet, while Spacers Will meet near Chaumont (20.00).

Finally, on Sunday, January 22, women Blagnac ASM will go to the lawn of Romagnat (15:00) and Toulouse stadium will close the weekend by hosting the Irish from Munster in the Champions Cup (4.15pm).

Toulouse Métropole Basket looks to restart the machine against Villeneuve d’Ascq.

With 7 consecutive defeats in the league, stuck in the series of blacks Toulouse Metropolis Basketball he should raise his head. Defeated by a short header on the floor of Tarbes (66-60), last weekend, Toulousaines still showed many promising signs.

A feat to be repeated at the reception of Villeneuve d’Ascq, a solid 4e10 in the name of Saturday, January 21 (20.00).e LFB day. Xavier Noguera’s players in particular are closer than ever to the last place in the championship currently held by the same Bretons, thanks to Landerneau’s recent success against Basket Landes.

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Looking for tickets to Téfécé 8there is In the French Cup final against Ajaccio

On the last day of Ligue 1 (1-1), Brest slowed down in good dynamics Utopia AC will try to restart their promotion march against Ajaccio on Saturday 21 January (16:00).there is French Cup final.

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The Corsicans who did very well in Toulouse. Indeed, after the victory over Ajacciens in the league (2-0), 1er In January, Philippe Montanier’s men managed to end a 5-match black streak without a win and thus found a second wind.

  • Rugby (Elite 1 Women)

A perilous trip to Bordeaux for Stade Toulouse

He was surprised when the Lons Division came to the matter on the Paloise side Toulouse stadium He recovered perfectly, chaining two valuable successes against Rennes and Montpellier. A good dynamic that the current French champions will intend to continue on behalf of 5 on the lawn of the Stade Bordelais on Saturday, January 21 (18:15).e Women’s Elite 1 day.

However, since the beginning of the season, the task in front of the Girondines will not be the least. And for good reason. Apart from a minor setback, it happened in Montpellier on the 3rde On Championship Day (16-14), the leader of Pool 1 crushed everything in his path, winning consecutively against Chilly Mazarin (0-53), Rennes (42-8) and Lons Section Paloise (0-30). A big challenge for Toulouse.

5 passes for Blagnac in ASM Romagnat grass?

Blagnac a real fairy tale lives at the beginning of the season. The authors of the clear tour (4/4 bonus wins), the Blagnacaises, the undisputed leaders of Pool 2, will have the opportunity to establish their dominance a little more on the lawn of ASM Romagnat on Sunday, January 22 (3 p.m.).

Especially since Romagnatuaz started the championship slowly. Having been beaten twice in their first three outings, the Auvergnates are struggling to find cruising speed.

Stade Toulouse are aiming for no offense against Munster

Strong winner of the first three European races Toulouse stadium There is an opportunity to get a clear round as part of Round 4 against Munster on Sunday 22nd January (4:15pm).e and the final day of the Champions Cup. Irish Antoine Dupont’s partners tamed despite the Dantesque weather conditions at home, on the road (13-18).

For this encounter in particular, Rouge and Noir will benefit from the input of several vital forces. 2e line Thibaud Flament, hamstrings and 3 injurede Selevasio Tolofua, who has a bicep injury, and François Cros, who has a left knee injury, are called up in the Toulouse squad to face Munster.

Blagnac wants to consolidate its place in the top 6 in Tarbes

He lost to Albida (24-13) just before the confectioners’ truce. Blagnac Headed perfectly to seal third win in four games against Valence-Romans (20-18), 2e National, on the last day of the championship. A positive dynamic that particularly allowed Blagnacais to rise to 5e takes place in the ranking.

As part of a trip to Tarbes, Saturday, January 21 (4 p.m.).e National day, Caouecs can further strengthen its legitimacy in the top 6. Especially since Tarbais, 8ehave shown less rosy faces in recent weeks, including losing twice in their last three receptions.

Spacer seeks confidence in Chaumont

The start of the crisis has settled in Spacer, who has been beaten four times in his last five league appearances. Against Chaumont, Saturday, January 21 (8 pm) on behalf of 17e On Ligue A day, Patrick Duflos’ men will be looking to restart the embattled machine to stay within reach of the Championship finals qualification places at the end of the season.

Chaumontais, who were beaten dry by Saint-Nazaire (3-1) and Tours (0-3), especially in the last two days, are also experiencing a complicated period. The start of the season (7 wins in 8 games) seems far away now.

Toulouse Basket Club wants to restore continuity in Les Sables-d’Olonne

Players as well as their female counterparts Toulouse Basketball Club they have been struggling lately. Having lost seven of their last nine league matches, Toulouse continue to slide down the table (9).e).

A trip near Les Sables-d’Olonne (12e), 20 in the name of Saturday, January 21 (20.00).e On the day of National 1, Stephane Dao’s patrons almost have to win, at the risk of seeing the lead carriage definitively exit 7 days after the end of stage 1.

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