rugby. Gurthro Steenkamp reveals the 5 strongest players he has faced: it’s tough

Gurthro Steenkamp, ​​former world champion with South Africa, revealed to Actu Rugby the 5 strongest players he faced during his career. (©Icon Sports)

World champion in 2007 with South Africa, Gurtro Steenkamp (53 picks) was the most feared left column on the planet rugby. In his first season in France, at Toulouse, he quickly established himself in the first ranks of the Rouge et Noir and lifted the Brennus shield after defeating Toulon in the 2012 final.

After retiring in 2018, he quickly began his coaching career. Today, at 41, he is the scrum coach at La Rochelle. for Rugby newsGurthro Steenkamp has agreed to donate 5 strongest players he faced during his career. No French, but heavy!

Owen Franks would say no to Stade Français, who are still looking for a right-back.
The All Blacks are for Gurthro Steenkamp, ​​the strongest player Owen Franks has faced during his brilliant career. (©Icon Sports)

1. Owen Franks (All Blacks)

As a good old columnist, Gurthrö Steenkamp names the front row at the top of the ranking of the strongest players he has faced. Owen Franks, still active (108 options). “He always impressed me and not only in our fights. In the fight, in the tackles, in the collision zones, he was always someone I found very strong.

When I faced him against either the Crusaders or the All Blacks, I knew beforehand that it would be a big war against him. For me it was over the top. I knew I had to prepare to face him. But I loved being in front of him. It was difficult, but I love confrontation.

Gurtro SteenkampOld column, about Owen Franks

The current La Rochelle scrum coach departs with a smile on his face: “I learned to pass when I came to Toulouse. I’ve never done it before. It was always a direct game, to take the ball and break the wall in front. And hoping to break bones… (laughs).”

2. Trevor Leota (Samoa)

Number 2 will bring back nostalgic memories of the 90s and 2000s. Samoa Trevor Leota, should not put back. “I played against her when I was about 21,” Gurthro Steenkamp says of the prostitute. I was at the Cheetahs and I ran into him during a friendly. He was known as an aggressive player, often with high shots.

I remember I fought him hard and late, and then he just looked at me and said, “Be careful, I’m waiting for you now.” After that, I never touched the ball again. Leota was a boy who never followed the rules.

Gurtro SteenkampAbout the former French champion, Trevor Leota

3. Schalk Burger (South Africa)

at 3e On the step of the podium of the toughest players he has faced during his career, we find Gurthrö Steenkamp’s compatriot in the form of 3 people.e line Schalk Burger. “He was a big boy and very, very strong,” she says immediately Rugby news the former column passed by Toulouse and the Stade Français.

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“When it was the Bulls-Stormers match, it was a real north-south opposition, a hell of a fight. And Schalk, he ran all over the place, he was tough in tackles and he was tough when he ran at you with the ball in hand. He was really strong.” “He deserved to be named the best player in the world (in 2004, editor’s note),” supports Steenkamp.

Bakkies Botha, a three-time European champion and French champion with Toulon, does not appreciate seeing RCT struggle.
Three-time European champion and French champion with Toulon, 2007 world champion Bakkies Botha mentioned more than one player who crossed paths with him. (©Icon Sports)

4. Bakkies Botha (South Africa)

Who was not impressed Bakkies Botha during his career? “Fortunately, I played very little against him! “, breathes Gurthro Steenkamp. The latter continues in the second South African line through Toulon: “Bakkies, he didn’t hesitate to clear you with his head. I learned very quickly that you shouldn’t stay in the hole when you’re around.”

He was always aggressive, always present on the field. He didn’t hesitate to tease you a little by mimicking a kiss so you wouldn’t forget him.

Gurtro SteenkampAbout Bakkies Botha
Former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is one of Gurthrö Steenkamp’s toughest 5 players to face in his career. (©Icon Sports)

5. Richie McCaw (All Blacks)

We find the last member of the 5 toughest players he faced during his career, the mythical 3.e All Blacks line, Richie McCaw (148 choices). “A great player. I had very interesting encounters with him,” Gurtro Steenkamp recalls.

The South African has not forgotten the side of hell. “He was a pain in the ground game. He made the most of the interpretation of the rules with the judges (laughs).” Gurthro Steenkamp still praises his great qualities in the game: “Richie was very strong in tackles, whether it was cutting you off or getting the ball into his hands.”

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