new big budget effort (1/3)

From maintenance military programming law (LPM) to transformational LPM. Although the overhaul is not really over – but after decades of cuts in defense budgets could only be offset by the budgetary changes of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term – the head of state has decided to shake up the armies. transformation LPM. The entire defense ecosystem, including industry, will be affected by this transformation, which will take place with permanent manpower but redeployment within the armies. Elysée favors harmony over mass. Emmanuel Macron will speak to the troops at the 118th airbase in Mont-de-Marsan on Friday to convey his wishes.

“This transformation of the armed forces, we have a dream, affects not only the armed forces, but the entire Ministry of the Armed Forces and other places beyond its borders, especially our industrial and technological defense base.” Republic.

To succeed in optimizing this ecosystem, Emmanuel Macron invests: between 410 and 420 billion euros during 2024/2030, according to relevant sources. This is more than 58 billion euros per year on average. However, we will see in time if this new LPM is as well executed as it is now. “The confidence of the President of the Republic and the General Staff of the Armed Forces is strong, because we implemented the military programming law as voted by the parliament”, we reminded Elisey. This future LPM will build on the already ambitious and representative 2019-2025 LPM. “A very significant effort to repair the armies, financial and” (295 billion during 2019-2025).

Army, the big loser?

This transformation will take place in a very ambitious framework. But no matter how ambitious this framework is, it will not be able to accommodate all the needs identified by the three armies. Only the trajectory of more than 430 billion euros carried by the Chief of the Defense Staff made it possible. He did not say the last word. He was also recognized in the Elysee.” There are some adjustments needed in environment programs, sometimes critical programs, to free up or reallocate resources. “. We will have to wait for the report Additional where a very accurate translation of LPM into ability material will be transcribed to reveal the dark side of this LPM. But already, it seems that the Army is the biggest loser of these redeployments, we explain to La Tribune.

Despite all the opinions about Ukraine and this conflict, it has not been as important as expected. The Army, which will have to digest this disappointment, was nevertheless supported by the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Thierry Burkhard. The former Chief of General Staff of the Army especially wanted to have the ability to maintain a front of 80-100 kilometers. ” Lnot a franceUkrainethat is, they do not have the same interests as France security, not the same pStrategic position like Ukraine. It still appears it is important to insist on this point. France is a nuclear weapon state, France belongs to the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance “we reminded Yelysei. Ground Forces in the end, Emmanuel becomes a victim of Macron’s desired succession.

Keyword sequence

Therefore, one of the key words of this future LPM will probably be consistency, which allows us to justify the dark side of this law (repositioning, etc.) ” Adapting a large number of military capabilities is not enough to gain absolute advantage on the battlefield. “, we argued at the Elysée. But one of the main opinions of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is the return of the old dogma: thickness and mass. Because of the lack of mass, France relies on thickness and consistency. Because of thickness, it no longer really has a choice: it can supply its armies with logistics (work sustainment) and must develop an optimized capability to support in terms of ammunition, two capabilities that have been sacrificed due to regular reductions in defense budgets in favor of the political will to maintain a complete (but ultimately model) army model.

When it comes to compatibility, France wants to maintain command at all costs, especially within the main coalitions created by NATO. This means that it must maintain the ability to organize military capabilities through secure transmissions, but also the ability to act from situational assessment and intelligence gathering through a decision-making loop. . It is clear that the French army will have to be more consistent. He knows how to get the job done, given the level of rationalization achieved through political decisions to cut defense budgets by 2015. Therefore, this LPM will try to optimize the means provided to the armies.

In the logic of transformation, “we must be able to be more efficient and more efficient as the framework in which our armies potentially engage evolves,” we hammered at the Elysée.