LinkedIn presents a list of the 25 most in-demand professions in France!

For the 3rd year in a row, LinkedIn publishes the ranking of growing professions in France! Thus, the platform brings together 25 professions that have grown in demand the most in the last five years. What to remember? Commercial functions and digital professions continue to be at the top. The latter also highlights the growing needs of certain professions related to energy and sustainable development, 3D animation and cyber security.

According to this new data, we understand that the development of certain professions is the result of the recent strengthening of the technological ecosystem in France. They only recently saw the light of day and were imported directly from the USA. Check out this ranking that captures the key trends that will shape the job market in the coming months!

50% of the most in-demand positions in France are related to marketing and digital!

According to LinkedIn, marketing and sales functions (Growth Marketing Manager, Business Development Representative, Customer Success Manager, Customer Relationship Analyst, etc.) and digital businesses (Engineering Manager, Site Reliability Engineer, Data Management Manager, Cloud Engineer, Solutions Engineer, and etc.). It is one of the most requested jobs by French companies. They alone account for more than 50% of the most in-demand positions in France in recent years.

New professions are emerging…

The effects of climate change and the energy crisis are indeed creating new occupations. This applies, for example, to sustainability consultants or even energy brokers, especially those required by companies to optimize their gas and electricity bills. Faced with an increase in cyber attacks, employers are also actively recruiting cyber security professionals.

Finally, to cope with the influx of orders from streaming platforms, animation studios are looking for talent. Most in demand in this sector? Lighting Artists, lighting experts who bring life and realism to 3D animations.

The 25 fastest growing professions in France in 2023!

Sandrine Chauvin, International Editorial Director of LinkedIn: “ With an average of only one vacancy for every two job seekers on LinkedIn in France, our data confirms that the job market still offers great opportunities. And this despite an environment of looming economic uncertainty. »

He continues: “ Among the most sought-after profiles: profiles related to sustainable development, cybersecurity and business development are growing rapidly. These trends are confirmed at the European level. Cyber ​​security jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs in most European countries, given the rise in cyber-attacks. From Spain to Great Britain, via Sweden and Germany. »

Here is the list of 25 occupations experiencing strong growth according to LinkedIn:

  • Growth Marketing Manager (responsible for growth through marketing tools);
  • Business Development Manager;
  • Accountability for customer success;
  • Key account manager;
  • Energy broker;
  • Engineering Manager;
  • Lighting Artist;
  • Site Reliability Engineer;
  • Sustainable development consultant;
  • Receptionist;
  • Director of Human Resources;
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist;
  • Responsible for data management;
  • Information Engineer;
  • CRM / Customer Relationship Analyst;
  • Cloud engineer;
  • Solution engineer;
  • IT support specialist;
  • Sales based;
  • Chief of General Staff;
  • Job search consultant;
  • Public Relations Manager;
  • director of a health institution;
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeler;
  • Land development manager.

To learn more about these professions, feel free to refer to the article on LinkedIn News.

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Objectif Emploi, the new page that accompanies you in your job search

LinkedIn decided to support its 25 million members in France to find their next career opportunity! For this, the professional social network will present a full program of content on the Objective Employment page in January. This is the new LinkedIn News editorial page launched in late 2022. She offers advice on finding your next job and developing your career. But it does show the companies and sectors currently hiring, as well as the main French voices on the platform to stay up to date with job opportunities. As part of the publication of the list of growth occupations in 2023, the page will offer:

  • A number of ” LinkedIn Lives », during which French members will be able to ask the experts their job search questions. For example: creating a strong resume or standing out in a job interview
  • Business scaling and deep encryption of certain professions in the list. And this through the testimonials of the members.

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