Joseph Inzirillo receives a silver medal for youth, sports and associational commitments

He was playing “baballe” like everyone else, as we say back then, a young kid chasing a ball at the bottom of his building. But to imagine that he will be one with her from there, so that he will never be separated from her…
The flirtation between Joseph Inzirillo and the round ball always rhymed with passion. Without necessarily becoming an obsession. At only 14 years old, he received his first license in the US Vénissieux. His family left Villeurbanne a few years ago and settled in the Max-Barel district, a hundred meters away from the Laurent-Gérin stadium. Is it too late to dream of a senior football career at the age of 14? Of course, but Yusif didn’t care. A professional career was not one of his concerns. ” What did it matter to me to play in the main team, reserve, even in the lowest categories if necessary. I just wanted to get on the court and have fun with the ball… except it was round. »

Crazy fun at FSGT

And school in all this? “I spent my studies at the Max-Barel school group, then at the Aragon college very reluctantly. I studied the basics of accounting at Hélène-Boucher lycée. But I was only thinking about football…”
Its unification under flags does not dampen its passion. ” They called me from the Belgian border. And there I met a football fan, who gave me the opportunity to put on my cleats again and participate in joint competitions for three months, enough for me to be physically fit before joining my unit. Marne. »

Again, the rogue Joseph Inzirillo will use his clearances to join his football buddies from CMO-V, a FSGT-playing team made up of players who have played well at AS Minguettes and US Vénissieux. “I had a lot of fun, we traveled all over France, won championships and national cups…” It will not be interesting for him to return to everyday life and start his professional life. ” I joined the family business specializing in corporate gifts in Villeurbanne, run by my father, brother and sister. Well, I had a license in the “Minguettes” club, and the balance was found. »

“CRESS, My Best Years”

In the early 2000s, Joseph’s wife Beatrice Clavel, a developmental psychology teacher, founded the Center for Research and Education Through Sport (CRESS) with Nadi Derran. The decisive step. ” In order to apply the principles of psychology around team sports, it was necessary to find a support club at CRESS. Work aimed at developing team spirit and respect for others among young football players in vulnerable urban areas. » Béatrice’s father Georges Clavel, who is in charge of the CMO-V leg FSGT, advises the young footballers of AS Minguettes to have confidence. ” A ten-year adventure was punctuated by powerful moments, Joseph recalls: Partnerships with Orange, then Boot stores, the support of the French Football Federation (FFF) and then the support of the Ministry of Sports led by Jean-François Lamoureux, the arrival of Petit in Vénissieux after Zidane, the national trophy in the refereeing-sports category awarded in Paris, Youth and Sports in Bordeaux received a gold medal… Thanks to partners, CRESS had a budget of more than 350,000 euros and was able to hire employees. »

These wonderful years continued until 2010-12. Subsequently, sponsors became less involved. But CRESS continued its core mission of offering adapted sports and leisure activities for children with disabilities. In collaboration with the City of Vénissieux and the Municipal Sports Authority (OMS), this innovative approach led to the creation of the Sport and Disability Observatory in 2017.

An administrative volunteer in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Football League, but particularly in the Lyon and Rhône region, Joseph offers tailored football sessions to meet growing demand. He became responsible for the Foot ensemble section in the Region, as well as the League with Foot pour tous.

The silver medal he received for youth, sports and associational responsibilities at the League’s headquarters in Gerland on January 17 is only a just reward for his fifteen years of good and devoted service. This difference corresponds to the salary of the volunteer, it is customary to say during these ceremonies. Although almost retired, Jose did not finish this devil of football.

1960: Birth of Joseph Inzirillo
1974: First license at Vénissieux football club in the USA
1982: The family business joined the gift company until 1996
1997: Creation of CRESS and veteran license at AS Minguettes football club
2005: Volunteers for the Rhône Football Region, then joins the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Football League.
2023: receives a silver medal for youth, sports and associational commitment.

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