Interview: Maria Garrido, Chief Marketing Officer of Deezer, Official Partner of the NBA Paris Game 2023

Deezer’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Maria Garrido interviewed us on the sidelines of tonight’s (January 19) NBA game in Paris between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons, Deezer’s official music streaming partner.

An opportunity to find out more about this partnership and the various activations being carried out, including the huge karaoke that will be presented to the audience at the Accor Arena.

Sports Buzz Business: What is the origin of this partnership with the NBA?

Maria Garrido: For us, sports and music are a marriage “made in heaven”, as they say in the US, because in sports music is always present everywhere. Music and sports are unifying elements that bring people together and contribute to moments of sharing for the audience. Sports has been a topic of interest to us for some time. We have already worked in sports for a long time (Manchester United in 2016 or even BNP Paribas Masters).

From 2021 we started again with GP Explorer and Squeezie. We were very pleased with the results and it inspired us to continue in sports this year. Our valued friends from NBA contacted us as they are expanding their presence in Europe. With this match in Paris, the NBA was looking for an official French music streaming partner to sponsor the match. They came up with the right offer at the right time and it fit perfectly with our strategy so we said ‘YES! “. Attending an NBA game would be a great first for Deezer.

SBB: So the choice of Deezer, a French company, for the NBA was obvious for the rescheduled match in Paris?

MG: Yes, it was obvious to the NBA, but also to us!

“We will bring the lyrics of a song that is very popular in France due to recent sports events to the big screen”

SBB: Is this a partnership that can continue in the NBA and thus continue in the United States?

MG: Ah, the US is harder to conquer. For now, this is the first test for us, we’ll see how it goes. We have a lot of fun around the match, not only during the match but also great stuff afterwards. Inside the NBA House (Editor’s note: Accommodation installed at Aérogare des Invalides from January 19-22), we will bring the whole place to life over the weekend. What is also very interesting for us about the NBA is that, apart from the match that will take place at the Accor Arena, it is a global impact for both the NBA and all the brands that sponsor the event. Let’s see how it will be. But we are very positive!

SBB: Speaking of animations, you announced that Deezer will be doing a karaoke animation during the break. How will the third quarter develop?

MG: We did it last year at music festivals and it went really well. I go back to what I said at the beginning: music brings people together in a moment of strong emotion. So at halftime in the third quarter, we’ll be showing the lyrics to a song that’s very popular in France, I’m not going to say which one, on the big screen above the “basketball court” thanks to recent sports events. because I don’t want to reveal the secret of the song… We put the lyrics and ask people to sing and dance for 1 minute, 1 minute and 30 minutes. NBA cameras will also roam the stadium to see how people are singing and dancing. during this little karaoke.

“Music has always been connected to sports”

SBB: There will be other activations, can you tell us more?

MG: Right after the match there is an exclusive ‘after party’ where we have a DJ set to liven up the venue. This “after party” will have only big personalities and celebrities. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there were other athletes who didn’t necessarily come from basketball. So we will be at the after party with our DJ and Deezer booth. After that, throughout the weekend at NBA House, we’ll have a DJ booth and a fun booth with a wheel of fortune, allowing the public to win NBA merchandise along with Deezer, Deezer subscriptions and NBA discounts. shop.

SBB: Spotify recently partnered with FC Barcelona soccer club. Do music listening platforms have to associate themselves with “performance sports”?

MG: I don’t know if it’s a trend, I think music has always been about sports. I think it’s a really perfect marriage. This is nothing new, I don’t know if there will be more such partnerships in the future. It’s great to be with Barca for Spotify, but I’m more Real Madrid (laughs). As a Spaniard and not a Catalan, I’m more of a Real supporter than Barça.

SBB: Do some NBA players have Deezer accounts?

MG: Good question! I don’t know, but maybe that will change after Thursday night’s game.

SBB: Will Deezer be linked to other sports events in the near future, not just basketball?

MG: We’ll do our ROI calculations for this match and let you know after that! (laughs)

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