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Ben Shelton is a kind of UFO in the world of tennis. Even though he’s a “son”, he’s ranked 55th in the world at best because his father is a former fan of the little yellow ball. The son took his time before starting work, because six months ago he was still a boarding student at an American university. But since he decided to enter the professional circuit at the age of 20, his progress has been truly impressive. This is no less than 476 places gained in 6 months without ever leaving the American territory.

Ben Shelton will face Popyrin in the third round!

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He got his first road win in Auckland Sebastian Baez Before losing to Quentin Halys. If he benefits melbourne from a relatively soft scoreboard, the player needed five sets to break through Zhizhen Zhang in the first round, then only three head-to-head Nicolas Jarry. He has already won three tiebreaks, which speaks volumes for the young man’s confidence and mentality. In the next round, the opposition showed a notch against the opponent Alexey Popyrin who came out Taylor Fritz and who will have public support.

The hardest part was dealing with jet lag

Therefore, the young American has never left his country, so he has many problems to deal with outside of tennis, which he is not used to, which is very unusual. The player enjoys a few tough days: “Yeah, it feels good. So far it’s been a great experience to be out of the US. So I’m excited for the future and yeah, I’m grateful to have the chance to come here. I’m used to the tight, hot crowd. I think it’s the hardest part was dealing with jet lag and getting my legs back and feeling good. Obviously, this is my first trip out of the country, so I’ve never experienced a time difference of more than three hours. I think that was the hardest part for me. “When I left Adelaide, I didn’t feel very good the first week, but in the second week in Auckland I started to feel really good and now I think I’m starting to find my rhythm.”

I played the important moments well

Since the player has little experience, he does not know himself well. Even if that doesn’t stop him from being very solid at important moments. To his surprise: “Yeah, I think I surprised myself a little bit because of how strong I was in the tiebreaks, at the end of the sets, in the big moments. In both games, I found the solution when I needed to. Obviously, the first one was a tight five sets and I was very strong in a 10-point tiebreak. “I played well. Both tie-breaks today gave me a two-set advantage, and I played well. So, yeah, I think I played well in the important moments.”

Young Me Wasn’t a Great Tennis Player Growing Up

“Yeah, I wasn’t an amazing tennis player growing up. I focused on a lot of other sports and I wasn’t at the level of a lot of these guys who were 13, 14, 15 or even older.” Every week in the US there were players who could challenge me and beat me, and I didn’t win every USTA tournament I played, so my dad thought I was improving here, and I wasn’t. was the best in the nation and so there is no reason to go to another country where, yes, I will probably lose and learn many of the same things. “I was studying in the 12th grade, so I didn’t have much opportunity to skip classes or stay out of school for a long time.”

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