The NBA Extra team (beIN Sports) is celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary

NBA Extra turns 10: How do you feel after a decade on the air?

Remy Reverchon : Proud. A show that has been on TV for 10 years is not that unusual. Additionally, NBA Extra is the only original program still airing since the channel’s inception, which is gratifying. Here’s hoping it lasts another 10 years!

Xavier Vaution : We always try to keep the spirit of the first show to a minimum. When we premiered this, we were hoping to be there 10 issues later, so 10 years is almost unreal! The NBA made a bet to come to beIN, and it was far from winning the base.

Mary Patruch : After a few months (June 2013) I came up with something that worked. I wanted to do good. I came at the best time of the year, during the Finals. It was really something new, but it had a very strong personality.

Did you imagine at the time that the show would last long enough to become one of the benchmarks for the NBA in France today?

Xavier Vaution : Premiere day, no! (laughs) The good thing is that almost everyone who works on the show has been there from the beginning. It’s still the same team, we’re a mafia, the NBA Extra mafia!

Mary Patruch : We’ve always had the same investment, that desire to keep the show going. Although it was never, always easy, we were not tired. For 10 years, we’ve always wanted to develop the show to showcase the NBA. And this is one of our goals today.

Remy Reverchon : When I think back to the creation of the channel 10 years ago, everything is new, possible and imaginable, but at the same time everything is unstable. We’re not sure we’ll still be there a year from now when we all arrive. We have gone from a daily newspaper where we don’t know what the next day will bring, to a channel now established in the television landscape with future prospects. Flip is pretty funny! We are not in the same frame of mind. Back then it was “we create, then we see” and now it feels like driving a beautiful, big, crazy truck.

This Thursday, January 19, at 9:00 p.m., the NBA Paris game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons will take place at the Accor Arena, live on beIN Sports 1. What can the French public expect?

Mary Patruch : on the NBA show. Everything the NBA brings, both on and off the court. This is really a very complete product. I often say that we will not only see basketball. We will also see what American-style “entertainment” is.

Xavier Vaution : Not the poster of the century, we won’t lie to each other, it’s not a huge shock. But the fact that the poster is not the most beautiful does not mean that the match will not be interesting. Things can always happen during the game. American show, it will be there. You’re never bored in front of an NBA game, so the public can expect a great basketball party.

Remy Reverchon : We should not underestimate the luck we have. This is only the second time in history that a regular season NBA game has been held in Paris. It was in London in previous years, we never know where it will be next. It is no accident that people fight for space. This year there were more than 150,000 applications, and Bersi has 16,000 places. You should take advantage of it and not be difficult.

How do you experience the emergence of the Victor Vembanyama phenomenon?

Remy Reverchon : With excitement. We are indecisive because even though we wish Victor Vembanyama the best, we don’t know what will happen to him. We may be witnessing the emergence of something we don’t yet realize, which will be an earthquake in France for basketball and sports in general. I think even us NBA Supplement, we don’t realize how much Victor Wembanyama will change our lives. It is a phenomenon that we cannot quantify. We’re obviously thinking about Tony Parker, but I think it’s going to be tenfold. I know it puts a lot of pressure on him to say that because he hasn’t even played a single second in the NBA, but we’re talking about a guy. who will probably be the #1 pick in the draft, who could change the trajectory of a franchise, whose trajectory we’re looking at like LeBron James’… I don’t know if we get the trick! This will educate the general public about what basketball is all about.

Xavier Vaution : Look, when Viktor goes somewhere, the room is full. There are demands everywhere. I think people are starting to realize that we’re going to see a big guy this year. With all the precautions in the world, we have a chance to see something we’ve never seen before in NBA history.

Mary Patruch : The French who dreamed of Americans, still great! We have a French athlete expected in the US. The Americans came to France to buy the rights to Betclic Elite to show the incredible player who will come to the NBA. Often we compare Victor Vembanyama to Kylian Mbappe because of his trajectory, his maturity. Being ready to deal with something so powerful at 19 years old… I think she grew up preparing for it.

How do you feel about the current NBA season?

Xavier Vaution : So far, this is the best, craziest regular season I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. It’s crazy, stuff always happens.

Remy Reverchon : An indecisive season. For a long time, at this point in the season, we had no idea who would be in the NBA Finals in the two conferences. There are 10 teams that could potentially go! from his story bein SportsI’m not sure we ever experienced it.

The season is also marked by exceptional individual performances. How do you explain it?

Remy Reverchon : It’s an explosion of individual talents. We are fortunate to cover a league where the kids get stronger every year. They are all phenomenal. Donovan Mitchell, who scored 71 points, is not the guy we expect to score at this level! Every team has incredible talent. We do not understand the quality of these athletes. Without comparing eras in terms of level, I think this is the highest talent density the NBA has ever had.

Mary Patruch : When we started, the stars could be counted on ten fingers. When we watch the matches there, we have almost three big plays every night. Even when we’re making a show, we wonder if we’ll be able to include everything! It is very promising for the future.

What would you tell someone to make them want to watch the NBA?

Xavier Vaution : Come on, we’re friendly and you can have dinner with us or, if it’s a repeat, an aperitif!

Mary Patruch : You can sleep at night. We’re ready to bring you everything that’s happening. NBA is very addictive. If you put one foot in, you’ll definitely put the other one out.

Remy Reverchon : We’ll have to put up with Chris Singleton’s antics, but Jacques Monks’ competence will be handled, so it’ll be fine!

NBA Extra: Monday through Friday at 12:45 p.m. on beIN Sports 1.

Benoît Lesueur

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