initiatives. Invitalia funds talents, “Millennium Award” rewards them

Invitalia funds the talent. Approximately 140 startups continuous innovation, with 89 million euros of capitalized investments and approx 1400 works was created. These are the 2022 indicators of Smart&Start Italia, an incentive for highly innovative young companies from all over Italy. Out of 468 applications reviewed 136 received a positive rating with an acceptance rate close to 30%. Grants awarded amount to 72 million. It is among the most important sectors cloud computing ande-commerceeach of the financed projects is in second place with 18% Life sciences (13%) e internet of things (9%). Innovative materials, industrial automation, agriculture, environment and energy are also well represented. 22% of the startups funded last year fell to the EU. Lombardyfollowed Campania and Abruzzo (11% each), followed by Puglia, Lazio, Piedmont, Sardinia and Sicily. The company among the success stories Keylessdealing with cyber security and multi-modal biometric recognition (facial and behavioral) and HealthHe developed a digital medicine system to guide users to behavior focused on health and longevity. Smart&Start Italia is confirmed as the most important national incentive for high-level entrepreneurship target in terms of professional profiles, innovative ideas and high-tech solutions. It has been supported since its launch in September 2013 550 million euros around. 1420 startupsalmost by creation 9200 jobs qualified. By applying online at the address below it is possible to obtain interest-free financing 1.5 million euroswithout warranty. In addition, startups located in southern Italy and in the seismic crater of central Italy can receive a non-refundable contribution equal to 30% of the loan and therefore only pay 70% of the amount received. By decree ad hoc By the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development, this opportunity was applied to companies that already benefited from subsidies. becomes a non-repayable grant as part of their financing. “The year 2022” explains Luigi Gallo, Head of Promotions and Innovations Department of Invitalia – confirmed the positive trend of last year in terms of the number of submitted applications and the quality of projects. It was also made possible by a number of innovations that eased and improved access to the facilities. In particular, the possibility of turning part of the financing into a non-refundable contribution was considered by young companies as an important chance to attract capital from third-party investors, strengthen the company’s capital structure and reduce debts. .

“Millennium Award” rewards young talents

written Millennium Award writes: “Price talent of new generations “. F until next May 8 9th editing The first generation prize in Italy that invites girls and boys between the ages of 18 and 30 to measure their skills, inclinations and ambitions. The desire to start a startup, this story to write in a book, the vein of a journalist from a young age, the music ball, the creativity of a street artist. How can I demonstrate my skills? How can I get the most out of my project? Can my idea become a business? The answers to these and many other questions can be found (also) in the issues of the magazine Millennium AwardWith 4,800 participants, at least 274 talents have been awarded in Italy and more than one million euros in prizes and professional opportunities recognized to date. Merit and talent will lead the competition’s ten divisions: Non-Fiction” My book “Start”MY STARTUP “Journalism”MY REPORT “Employment and training opportunities”MY JOB “Street art and urban regeneration”My city ” , Cinema ” MyFRAME ” , Music ” MY MUSIC “Dual Career” MySPORT “Social entrepreneurship” MySOCIALIMPACT » and the article name honor Arts and Crafts” MyBRICKS “. Mainly, cash prizes and concrete opportunities in the world of work and training, paid masters and internships, music and film production and publishing of essays. The projects will be evaluated by a technical-scientific committee consisting of professionals from the academic and scientific world, economy, industry, journalism, cinema, institutions and sports. The new call for applications is online and you can participate by submitting your application On the Millennium Prize website . “We are ready to participate in this ninth challenge, where many girls and boys will test their talents”, – comments the European Commission. Paolo Bartletta, the president Millennium Award. “Millennium Award means to pave the way forward and only by highlighting the merit of the nominees. Seeing the renewed commitment and enthusiasm of the new generations will be a great motivation for us and a desire to improve ourselves. We strive to impart the right values ​​to the youth of promise, encourage them to do their best and at the same time give them concrete opportunities, give them useful advice to guide and follow them in their growth, and welcome their doubts and many legitimate questions. . If young people are to prove their worth, it is up to us, the established generations, to break down prejudices and barriers to listening to encourage their talent and development. Therefore, I invite all young people to apply for the Myllenium award with their projects, I hope that this will be the first brick of their future careers.

Opportunities with Atos and Ovs in Bari

AtosAn international information technology company has opened an office in Brussels. that’s all new offices. The opening of the office, located in Via Mazzitelli in the Poggiofranco district, was celebrated by the mayor Antonio Decaro and advisor for the economic development of the Puglia region Alessandro Delli Noci. In 2024, it will reach 400 Units working in the capital of Puglia. They are 130 first recruitment: the company’s goal is to increase its commitment to projects that can have a significant impact on the region. However hunting in the coming months – in the Bari industrial zone – will implement a technological innovation pole with a 15,000 square meter industrial facility to give new life to “skills that are hard to find in the North” and unsold clothes: planned hiring 125 people over three years and a total investment of 33 million euros, of which 15 were provided by the Region of Puglia. General Manager of Ovs Group Stefano Beraldo “There’s a lot of digital expertise here, and that’s why we’re opening an AI-based technology center to support our prototyping, distribution and manufacturing processes using 3D techniques.” We are particularly proud”, said Decaro, “to present this investment to the industrial development area of ​​Bari, where the number of applications for businesses is increasing: we have received 30 more in the last days”.

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