How to report a traffic accident in Plan with iPhone or Apple Maps?

Like other online map services, Apple Maps allows its users to report traffic incidents.

If you want to know more about this feature available in Apple Maps, this article should interest you.

Apple Plan: what you need to know about this program and how to get it?

Accident warning Plan Apple Maps

Before discussing the different ways to report an accident in Apple Maps, a few details about this service should be provided.

Actually, Apple Maps is a route planning service launched by Apple in 2012.

This service offers interesting features like driving directions, location search and more accident report.

It is installed by default On Apple-branded devices, theApple Map Mapping software available only to users of this brand’s products.

On mobile devices, this application requires version 14.5 of the iOS operating system. Apart from iPhone, this app is compatible with iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Also, it is necessary to determine that Apple Maps Available for download on the App StoreThe app store offered by Apple on devices running iOS.

To get it, simply go to the Apple-branded application store (App Store) and then search for Apple Maps. Once the app is found, start downloading it.

How to report a traffic accident in Plan with an iPhone
How to report a traffic accident in Plan with an iPhone

the accident information It can be done in different ways in Apple Maps.

The report can be made while following a guided route (navigation) in the application without following the route in the application or without using the Plan Apple Maps CarPlay or Siri voice assistant service.

Reporting an accident while en route in Apple MAP

This reporting method is quite common. It is usually executed when the user executes a Apple Maps does not include guided navigation and driving. Therefore, this mode is particularly suitable for pedestrians or passengers in a car.

Specifically, a user is required to use this method Open the Apple Maps app, set a destination for your trip and click the icon that displays a map or route sheet. This icon is located at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the icon will display additional options, including the option title report the accident that he will have to click. The next step is to tap on the type of accident corresponding to the incident to report. The user can choose between different options:

  • accident symbol;
  • danger symbol;
  • and speed control icon.

after choosing the appropriate option for the report, Apple Maps records the user’s GPS location and labels the map accordingly. Other users near the crash site will be notified and will know how to navigate.

Report an accident without following the route in Apple Maps

To report an accident if you don’t follow the route in Apple Maps, tap their picture or initials in Apple Maps and the press reports. The user will see the option report the incident. Then he should select the option appropriate to the accident to be reported.

Report an accident using Apple Maps CarPlay or Siri

Report an accident using Apple Maps CarPlay
Report an accident using Apple Maps CarPlay

Driving users can report an accident using Apple Maps CarPlay. To get there, they need to look for the symbol report the incident Located on the CarPlay screen.

After tapping on the icon, they will see different possible options. They don’t need to take their eyes off the road before choosing the right option.

Users who want to report an accident while keeping their focus behind the wheel can do so using Siri voice assistance. To achieve this, just ask Siri and report the accident. It will deal with voice assistance create an accident report in their place.

What happens after an accident is reported in Apple Maps?

After a crash is reported on Apple Maps, Apple conducts an assessment based on reports from other users. After his assessment, Apple marks the card with a label will be visible to drivers approaching the accident site.

If the driver doesn’t see anything after arriving at the scene of the accident, they can tap the deleted option to tell Apple Maps that the accident has been resolved. If the crash is not yet resolved, the user can update the crash information by clicking still there.

Reporting an accident on Apple Maps: the prerequisites to know

Reporting a crash on Apple Maps requires a Mastering the key features of Apple PLAN . Getting and running directions, finding nearby places, displaying in 3D view, and sharing location are some examples of useful features to master.

Getting and running a route in Apple Maps

Mastering this function is important in the sense that it integrates settings that allow the user to report a crash event. Specifically, to get a route in Apple Maps, after opening the app, you need to tap the option to search for maps and then enter the destination. This can be a city, company or contact address.

Once a destination is selected, an icon will appear on the in-app map. by pressing routesthe user will see the possible routes and the time needed to reach the destination.

Routes as well as travel time depend on it mode of transport used by the user. The latter can choose different travel modes (car, foot, transit, bicycle). When the mode of transport is selected, the user can start the navigation.

Other useful features to know about Apple Maps

for find places quickly nearby, you need to open the app and click on the search field to activate this feature. The application will suggest the user to search near his home.

for Switch to the 3D view screen, the user must launch the classic map mode and then swipe two fingers up on the screen. for share your location in Apple PLAN, you must first find yourself on the map by clicking on the arrow icon on the upper right side of the screen. After getting the details of its location, the user has to do this tap share my location and voila!

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