excellent The Freestyle video projector sees its price drop like never before

No matter how big it is, your TV will never be able to deliver an image as large as a video projector.

Users have realized this and more and more are using this process to fully utilize all this potential. But not everything is perfect. Therefore, Samsung investigated the problem in detail and created a projector called Freestyle.

Normally priced at €999, Samsung is currently offering you an instant €400 discount on The Freestyle video projector for just €599. If you have to buy a smartphone, touchscreen or Galaxy Book, you will get an additional 40% discount on your video projector.

Samsung The Freestyle: the nugget of video projectors to be discovered now

But what makes the Samsung The Freestyle video projector different from what can be found in the market? First of all, it is compact and weighs only 800 grams. This is a great asset as it can be taken anywhere. In addition, it can be powered from the mains or via an external battery via the integrated USB-C port (accessory sold separately). Freestyle is therefore completely nomadic.

Finding a flat and horizontal surface to place your projector on isn’t always easy. No problem in freestyle mode. Indeed, it automatically corrects the image in all conditions so that it is flat and rectangular. Then it will focus automatically. That’s why the Freestyle is an all-terrain adventurer.

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It’s Sunday. After a long week at work, you decide to spend a quiet day lying in bed and watching a good movie. Wouldn’t it be better to sit and watch it? Samsung The Freestyle lets you. In fact, it can rotate up to 180° on its axis, which allows you to project your movie directly on the ceiling and thus lie comfortably on your bed. Since the movie is also the soundtrack, The Freestyle’s built-in speaker delivers rich 360-degree sound for a fully immersive viewing experience. That’s why Freestyle has a zen attitude.

Depending on the distance, the Freestyle can project an image ranging from 75 to 250 cm for a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Freestyle, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV and more. It includes a Smart TV that gives you access to all your favorite programs such as So Freestyle is way ahead of its time.

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The Freestyle projector is a device that really stands out from the competition. The Samsung design office did not want to create another projector, but instead focused on what it could give users more.

Thus, Freestyle systematically adapts to the needs of the latter, not the other way around. This also explains why the Freestyle is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby voice commands. Always in search of new and unprecedented technological innovations, Samsung’s official website is full of small copies, unique offers and events. Over the years, the manufacturer has become one of the world leaders in the fields of household appliances, telecommunications and audiovisual. The Freestyle, a portable projector currently on sale for just €599, is the best proof of that. Take advantage of the delay.

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