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On April 4th, 5th and 6th, 2023, the first release of the Shop! The show is the benchmark event for retail and shopper marketing professionals: from POS to design, shopper activation, through retail media or even the metaverse, look at the rich program, mixing inspirational topics and practical events.

Former Marketing Point of Sale show, its organizer, Shop turned Shop! is undergoing transformation as a member of its international network POPAI France. France to better represent the entire retail and shopper marketing sector. A transformation that will logically be in the center of the shop! The first edition of the Salon will take place on April 4, 5 and 6, 2023 at the Paris Porte de Versailles. “Although POPAI’s historical themes, such as POS, merchandising, store design or even the customer journey at the point of sale, remain at the heart of the topics discussed at the exhibition, the latter thus opens up new issues: l activation, the use of data, retail media, the increasingly immersive brand practices, NFT, Web3… All of these naturally highlight the challenges of retail transformation, such as ecological transition, inclusion or protection of purchasing power”, explains Delphine Beer-Gabel, editorial director of the show, whose task is to deal with these major retail challenges every day is to organize conferences to open the minds of all professionals involved, from experts working for large retail chains or real estate companies, as well as managers of national luxury or mass consumer brands, experts in multi-channel transformation, agency or consulting firms assembled the Programming Committee. The result, for this first edition, is an eclectic program that includes inspirational talks from ecosystem personalities and young startups on forward-thinking topics and practical insights from researchers, analysts or retail professionals.

Olivier Saguez, founding president of design agency Saguez & Partners, will thus open the show’s series of conferences as a keynote, reminding us of the importance of physical retail to reinvent itself if it wants to continue to attract, and especially. sold in front of new digital channels. “The brick-and-mortar store is not ready to disappear… We’re going smaller, but better!”, he explained in a previous column, reaffirming the importance of design in creating powerful experiences, while also reaffirming the role of commerce in everyday life. of territories. The theme that will also be discussed during the opening half day of the show, as well as the main trends, is the “environmental transition for more responsible retailing, which must be successfully reconciled with the challenges of growth and protection. purchasing power as we currently know it. Not forgetting the ways to attract the new generations through Live Shopping and social networks, offers more suitable to their expectations and what they want to pay”, – Delphine Beer-Gabel explains, recalling the speeches of personalities such as Alexander Rubin. Yves Rocher France and Benelux CEO Fabrice Bonnifet, Bouygues Group CSR Director, Contributive Company author or expert Alexis de Prevoisin and daughter Dune de Prevoisin, co-authors of the book Deciphering New Consumer Habits. Gen Z”. It is also worth noting the reports on inflation, responsible consumption and purchasing power by the Cetelem Observatory in Europe by deciphering the results of the Barometer, and by the FreeThinking research on the 15-year research of the Moyennes Classes Observatory in France. firm.

The other two days of the conferences will be used to address more practical topics, such as the testimony of Olivier Onraita, founder of the Day by Day brand, Célia Renaisson, founder of Bulk, or bulk application through second-hand offers. With input from Martin Aunos, Director of Second Life at Fnac Darty, or Hélène de Saugère, Director of Digital, Customer Marketing and Communications at Petit Bateau. The new place of the QR code in the customer journey with Daniel Bô of QualiQuanti and Grégory Cossard, director of retail concept and identity at Carrefour. “The place of women in the management bodies of companies will also be discussed, and the topic will expand as Ricksain’s law comes into force,” says Delphine Beer-Gabel, who invited three women leaders to speak on this topic during the Round Table. Delphine Rémy-Boutang, founder of the Digital Women’s Day, will be held together with: Amélie Poisson, deputy managing director of La Redoute, Karen Vernet, managing director of the Printemps offer and Stephanie Zolesio, general manager of Casino Immobilier. Insights from retail experts in Europe and the US will also be presented on April 6, along with Rituals format and design director Richard Lems and Malinda Sanna, CEO of American luxury research firm Luxuryverse™, a panel of women, representative of generations Z, X and Millennials, buyers of luxury brands and products, is the most qualified in the world.

Topics such as Shop-in-Shop, Social Commerce, Retail Media, Web3, Luxury or Quick Commerce will also be the subject of special conferences with presentations by representatives of Guerlain, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Carrefour Links, McDonald’s or La Grande. Please, Shop’s startups and partners will get significant exposure! France as part of the morning of April 6.

Meet the official Shop app! 2023 Show on the event site!

The program will evolve to its final version on February 17, 2023.

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