Digital marketing, natural referencing, web design…: MarketingVotre’s swiss army knife

Small companies rarely have the budget to invest heavily in digital communications. This is what MarketementVotre is all about: building global and consistent strategies for everyone.

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Digital marketing, natural referencing, web design...: MarketingVotre's swiss army knife
Digital marketing, natural referencing, web design…: MarketingVotre’s swiss army knife

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Be humble yet effective with the right strategy

MarketingYour typically represents the “small box” of digital marketing. He has charm, he has enthusiasm. Those familiar with Inspector Gadget may have an idea of ​​its creator, Olivier Feldman. He likes his male customers to see him as a Swiss Army knife because the image matches what he really is. By supporting SMEs and start-ups, it applies all professions covered by digital communication today. With 33 years of combined experience in the field, he can provide a range of skills from computer graphics to social media management through website development, SEO strategy implementation and email campaigns. MarketementVotre is a human-sized agency for human-sized companies. As a skilled juggler, Olivier was able to refuse the expense of a large structure. In doing so, it also frees its clients who in most cases do not have the opportunity to use the services of a large agency.

Olivier accompanies the survey, thinking that the progress is hand-in-hand. In fact, digital strategy maintains a “craft” rather than an industrial connection. Only flexibility, “do and see” and adjustments are really important. Small businesses aren’t meant to be scattered across the hundreds of channels that digital communication provides, but what’s done must be done right. Between impossible costs and clumsy hacks at home, MarketementVotre therefore follows a healthy path. The advantage of an external digital expert is that it can be engaged in a timely manner according to needs and budget. It also means relying on the flexibility of a loyal partner, because the coldness of big companies (for which the customer is always somewhat anonymous) is replaced by truly individual support and human relationships.

Human and tailored support

Olivier Feldman has established a common culture in which he finds the core interests of his mission by serving in many sectors. This is what he likes: penetrating different worlds, marrying dynamics. “The basics of digital marketing are the same for everyone, it’s the communication methods that are different,” he says. In this mixture of personal awakening (because you have to immerse yourself in every sector) and sure experience, he remembers the reasons that led him to separate from a large group in which he lost his individuality every day. In 2018, it was enough to give freedom to one’s creative impulses and to enter into a human relationship with the client, to take the turn of independence. has been with him for 3 years).

Specifically, when it comes to website redesign, for example, Olivier carries out his own audit. Then he observes the competition, smells the spirit of the times and proposes models that seek harmony between good practice and the company’s brand image. Trained as a graphic designer, he advises precisely (the colors of the graphic charter, the nature of the visuals, etc.) without ever neglecting the needs of a good visitor experience, followed by the reflection of natural reference and digital support. Olivier works hard with data. It should be noted that when asked to carry out the development of digital fame, Olivier systematically performs an initial audit. We do not bid blindly. We do not sell to sell. We seek efficiency, that is, relevance first. Often what already exists is flawed and building on uncertain foundations is a losing relationship. Unnecessary expense. But the most important thing is to keep the discussion open, using pedagogy. It’s about building together. It’s also a human experience: a shared investment on both sides.

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