conferences to differentiate and perform better in times of crisis [Jeudi 2 Février]

In recent years, we have witnessed a series of crises that have profoundly affected consumer expectations. Added to this are changes in digital marketing. How to adapt to this “New Normal”? This is the topic of conferences offered for free by Cybercité during the “New Normal Digital Day”. See you on February 2nd to prepare for these changes…

For this first event of 2023, the CyberCité Team, accompanied by OnlySo and Isoskèle, offers you a day of 7 conferences around the New Normal in the Digital world.

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So what is the New Normal?

Recent years have been marked by periods of crisis, and tomorrow’s global economic context promises to be complex. Added to this are fundamental business developments in our Digital Marketing ecosystem: Google Analytics is changing and moving to version 4, data transfer to the US remains illegal for the CNIL, the end of third-party cookies, etc. This uncertain, shifting and changing environment has become the New Normal, in other words, the new normal.

There are many lessons learned and the implications are clear: consumers have new expectations, they are more impatient, more demanding, more curious, require more information, want better quality, faster and always at the best price. The impact on search is marked by higher search volumes, queries that evolve as new keywords emerge, and new trends.

But it’s all the digital levers that are affected on a global scale, and hence the digital strategies to be implemented and the Marketing budgets to be allocated.

And how to use uncertainty to try and find the right compass to navigate successfully through this fog of limitations and evolutions?

In a volatile environment like the one we’re in right now, it’s important to ask the right questions, especially at the level of the Marketing budget to maintain to gain visibility with your audience, but also about the levers to activate messages. spread and more generally about tomorrow’s strategies to be applied today.

All these important points will be discussed in the New Normal Digital Day: market trends and insights, Google Machine Learning, converged SEO/SEA strategy, Analytics and Data management, Social Media, Content Marketing and communication strategy in times of crisis.

Today’s goal? Understand the new rules of the game, adapt to new challenges and find the best levers to optimize your performance.

See you Thursday, February 2nd!

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Conference program


Hosted by David BONNAMOUR, CyberCité General Manager – 10.00am to 10.45am

Depending on the sectors of activity, the business model, as well as the applied digital strategies, not all advertisers experience the same reality in the face of a succession of crises: Covid, Ukraine, climate emergency… What next?! Some open up impressive Advertising budgets to continue feeding their lead machines, while others find new opportunities by adopting the New Normal game rules to face the new challenges and new problems of their customers and prospects. . During this conference, we will decipher these different powerful trends together through the following points:

  • Transcription of crises in Google search trends
  • Impact on acquisition costs and therefore advertisers’ budgets
  • SEO/SEA Synergies, Content Marketing, and Data Don’ts in This New Normal
  • What you absolutely need to plan for in 2023 in your Search Marketing strategy to optimize your performance


Led by Manon RUSSIAS, Lead Consultant SEA/Media CyberCité – 10.45-11.30

During a crisis or fluctuation in your market, the research and consumption trends of your customers and prospects change and become uncertain and unpredictable. So the impact on your performance is very strong, sometimes positive and sometimes negative for your profitability.

But how do you adapt in this ever-changing context—whether in terms of devices, messages, or investments?

During this conference, we’ll provide you with answers to help you understand these many changes, as well as tools to help you adapt your strategy and thus maintain your performance with Google Ads over the long term.

Hosted by CyberCité Center of Expertise Manager Alban RENARD – from 11.30 to 12.15

For the Internet user, Google is a tool that allows him to get a variety of answers tailored to his wants, needs, desires… The back office complexities of Google services are of little importance and differentiation for him. organic or advertising results that are part of the results are not always readable.

For these reasons, and to maximize the exposure and visibility your brand can reach, it’s important to think about your web marketing activities as a whole: search, shopping, display, youtube, discovery, etc. Multiple levers to use to combine organic visibility with targeted advertising pressure to the right audience.

Thinking about convergence means maximizing your chances of having an effective, data-driven and results-oriented strategy by asking yourself the right questions about your entire site: How can simple writing of optimized content impact SEO? campaigns? What impact can a poorly optimized site have on your entire business? and so on.

Examples of our joint SEO/SEA moves will put you on the path to this popular and highly sought after ROI!


Hosted by Cédric SONREL, CyberCité Data Analytics Department Manager – 1:45-2:30 p.m.

The Analytics world has been rocked for a few months now: Cnil, GDPR, the end of third-party cookies, the ban on Google Analytics, Universal’s move in favor of Google Analytics 4, Browser Privacy, and more.

All these data constraints are becoming more and more intense and leave us in a chiaroscuro that involves asking the right questions to know how to manage your data and monitor its performance. In addition to these changes and other legal and technical issues, there is a question about the implementation of tracking itself: On the client side? Server side? Universal or Matomo? Or all the pixels in your control rooms?

If you are in doubt about possible solutions, during this conference we will provide an overview of different possible mechanisms and different tools to track, collect, display and monitor your Data. Spoiler alert! Starting today, your stats will require a budget! Because in addition to the cost of setting up a tagging plan, you will now have to pay to collect, process and display your data on your platform.


Hosted by CyberCité Content Marketing Manager Sylvie COCHET and CyberCité Senior Content Manager Lucile ROSSET – 2.30 – 3.15

Anticipation, understanding and adaptation: together, let’s decipher tomorrow’s market and how your Content Marketing strategy can adapt in a rapidly changing context. During this conference, we will offer 5 key tips that will allow you to build a successful and effective Content Marketing strategy:

  • Know who you’re talking to
  • Understand your industry and the challenges your targets face
  • Adapt to new research intentions
  • Catch your targets differently and intelligently
  • Don’t neglect your leadership cycle and upbringing

Hosted by Georges DOS SANTOS, Chief Revenue Officer Isoskèle – 15.15-16.00.

The crises have been connected for about 3 years. With them came an uncertain and worrisome environment in the minds of our consumers, and it was this changing context that became the New Normal.

What results does this state create for them?

Should we adapt our mix to this new environment? And if so, how?

What lessons can we learn from different crises in terms of communication?

What are the actions that can help you gain market share against your competitors?

There are so many questions that we will try to answer at this conference!

What is certain is that life goes on! Consumers now have new expectations, requests are changing and the offer must adapt to meet these new challenges and these new needs. More curious, more demanding and more impatient, today’s and tomorrow’s consumers want certainty and better control over the buying process. Maintaining a link, understanding it and adapting it are now the main issues for advertisers.


Moderator Margot HENRY, Only Social Media Strategist – 16.00 to 16.45.

In recent years, the behavior of Internet users has been very disturbed, especially after the health crisis. The economic, social and environmental context has also played an important role in understanding their daily lives and evolving the way they use social networks.

They are more attentive, more loyal, more anxious and sometimes more fearful, have the will to consume better … they often adopt “inappropriate” postures. How can brands and companies position themselves in this new digital age of the New Normal? What are the expectations of consumers in social networks? OnlySo will share with you the 3 conditions that will allow you to succeed in your social media presence in 2023, based on specific examples!

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Article written in collaboration with Cybercité

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