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The choice of your tennis shoes should be made according to several elements: your training level, the type of surface, your playing style, as well as the technical characteristics of the products. Finding the right shoe for you can be difficult, but it will help you feel comfortable on the court and prevent some injuries.

Your experience level

There is a huge selection of tennis shoes and it can be easy to get lost. We’ve categorized three experience levels to help you choose your pair.


As a rule, your trips are not very intensive. In order to be comfortable during the gaming session, it is important to bet on shoes that offer great comfort.

Verified players

Proven players have larger displacements and will need to focus on two points: cushioning and dynamism. This will make your movements easier and also bring you better comfort to avoid injuries.

Expert players

Expert players move fast and hit big shots on their tennis shoes. So you need a shoe that’s comfortable with great cushioning, but also durable.

Type of surface

There are many different surfaces and your sole must match the type of surface in order to get good grip. There are three types of surfaces: clay, grass and hard courts.

  • When playing on clay, opt for a special clay base for easier ground clearance. This will facilitate your movements and prevent you from slipping unnecessarily.
  • The grass surface is quite rare, but every support needs a heel with studs to prevent slipping.
  • For hard tennis courts, we recommend an all-surface sole for good grip during your sudden change of direction.

Game style

Your style of play will make you prefer one type of shoe. There are two main families of shoes for each style of play.

The main player

You will need a pair of shoes that combine comfort and stability. Indeed, you will have to make a drastic change of direction. Therefore, your pair should have good support, good stability and good cushioning.

A player who likes to hit the net

You will need a shoe that combines lightness, dynamism and comfort. Indeed, you must be reactive to access the network. Light and dynamic shoes will help you climb faster.


Convenience is the main criteria that brands strive for. Three elements are essential to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Foot envelope: for better comfort, choose a mesh envelope that will be more durable but less durable.
  • In order to feel great, the insole should be thick and conform to the shape of your heel.
  • The tongue should be soft with dense foam that conforms to the shape of your foot

Thanks to these three criteria, you will get general information about the comfort of the shoe. Feel free to trust your gut when you put your foot in the shoe.


Cushioning is the main criterion. When you hit the ground hard with your feet, it must absorb the vibrations effectively and over time. Brands include airbags, FOAM foam, etc. offers many technologies such as The midsole should be made of EVA foam to increase comfort and cushioning.


A tennis shoe will experience a lot of friction during practice or during a match. Wear areas should be reinforced to extend life. Therefore, the foot envelope should have reinforcements in these friction zones. The same goes for the sole! Often the markings strengthen the inside of the forefoot, which is exposed to a lot of friction with the ground.

Your shoe size

You will need to pay attention to the size of your shoes. Indeed, a shoe size that is too small can be painful during sudden braking, and conversely, a shoe that is too large will lack sensitivity and support. We recommend leaving a gap of 5 mm between the toe and the bottom of the tennis shoe. For example, on the Extreme Tennis website, you can find a wide selection of tennis shoes.

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