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IPHONE 12. Often affected by promotions, Apple’s iPhone 12 is using 2023 sales to see its price drop at several merchants. Find the best prices available on iPhone 12 right now.

Despite being released a few years ago, the iPhone 12 is still a highly sought-after smartphone. It always benefits from Apple’s security updates and improvements. This allows the iPhone 12 to remain a great phone despite the release of its successors.

Still offered in four different versions, the iPhone 12 is one of the last Apple phones to feature a “mini” format. The latter, which is often highly rated by many users, has serious advantages! Neither more nor less than the main model, but in a reduced format. It’s an ideal solution for users with small hands or those who want to keep it in a small pocket or bag. The iPhone 12 mini has the advantage of being the cheapest model in the range, especially with recent promotions.

The iPhone 12s carries over some of the features and strengths of the iPhone 11 while introducing a few new elements. iPhone Mini stands out only for its small size (5.4 inches).

What to remember about basic equipment:

  • A14 Bionic chip is integrated for improved performance
  • 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display
  • Therefore, this iPhone is compatible with 5G.
  • New design
  • Dolby Vision HDR video recording is up to 30 frames per second
  • 2x optical zoom
  • Up to 17 hours of video playback
  • Ceramic Shield front
  • 4 times more drop resistance
  • Aerospace grade aluminum
  • It is water resistant to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes
  • Compatible with MagSafe accessories and wireless chargers

During his keynote speech on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Tim Cook confirmed the “revolution” brought by the new iPhone. 5G is indeed built into the iPhone 12. Technology that makes the smartphone “faster, more advanced and without regard to security such as data privacy”. The maximum download speed of the new iPhone can reach 4 GB per second, and Apple promises very low latency, close to real time. All native iPhone apps are optimized for 5G. “iPhone 12 Pro makes it easier than ever to download large files, upload photos and stream high-quality video by delivering LTE speeds of up to 2 Gbps5. As it integrates up to 32 LTE bands and 20 5G bands, it’s more than any other smartphone more. is ready for superfast 5G,” the company writes on its website. It’s currently on a small discount at several retailers.

There are also two more iPhone 12 models on the market: iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone pro Max. First, it is equipped with a 6.1-inch screen like the iPhone 12. It features a telephoto lens, ultra-high definition video quality (HDR Dolby Vision up to 60 frames per second), optical zoom x4 and LiDAR. scanner. The resolution is significantly higher (2,532 x 1,170 pixels at 460 dpi).

The iPhone Pro Max is the iPhone Pro with a larger 6.7-inch screen. It combines better optical zoom with better resolution (2,778 x 1,284 pixels at 458 dpi).

The iPhone 12 has seen its price change again compared to previous generations. Here are the prices for the four versions of the iPhone 12, as reported by Apple France when the phone is released in late 2020:

  • iPhone 12 Mini: from 809 euros
  • iPhone 12: from 909 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro: from 1159 euros
  • iPhone 12 Max: from 1259 euros

However, it should be noted that the release of the new iPhone 13 allowed these prices to drop significantly to allow the iPhone 12 to become more affordable. People who want to equip themselves with the latest generation Apple phone can have fun without breaking their budget.

Here are some official images of the iPhone 12 launched in October 2020:

The first photos of the iPhone 12 Pro
The first photos of the iPhone 12 Pro © Apple keynote
The first photos of the iPhone 12 Pro
The first photos of the iPhone 12 Pro © Apple keynote
The first photos of the iPhone 12
The first photos of the iPhone 12 © Apple keynote
The first image of the iPhone 12
The first image of the iPhone 12 © Apple keynote
The first photos of the iPhone 12
The first photos of the iPhone 12 © Apple keynote

In summary, the first version of the iPhone 12 will please those who do not like the trend of increasingly large smartphones. As the name suggests, the iPhone 12 mini is a smaller version of the iPhone 12. The screen goes down to 5.4 inches, but other specs and design are largely the same. So it’s not a low-end version. Only the battery seems different, as Apple promises 15 hours of video playback compared to 17 hours for the iPhone 12. Different models are available in five colors: white, black, blue, green and red.

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