3 Tips to Get Organized and Succeed

If freelancing is the dream of many workers, the reality on the ground is a bit more nuanced. The freedom that accompanies it does not pass without strict organization.

Working on your own account is a status that offers many advantages. Witness the number of workers who have passed the milestone since the health crisis ended. This trend is especially confirmed on the Malt platform, where the number of registered freelancers increased by 39% in 2021. However, the accompanying freedom, independence and flexible time management are fleeting promises. serious and specially designed organization. Let’s learn how to best organize yourself to stay both productive and calm.

Use all-in-one tools to save time and manage your business efficiently

If freelancing is the dream of many employees – more managers, more schedules, selected and interesting projects – the reality on the ground is a little more nuanced. It is important to remember that a freelancer is both a business and commercial manager and is also responsible for various administrative and financial tasks. However, many responsibilities can result in stress and more or less intense pressure. You must be able to manage your workload between delivery dates to meet, declarations to submit, proposals to rush, meetings with clients and manage rush periods. That’s why it’s important to create an effective routine with the right tools to guide your activities and stay on course long-term. This is especially true when a freelancer is working on a startup and has a lot of deadlines piling up. And that doesn’t include any contingencies. While not everything can be foreseen, we can nevertheless reduce the risk of their occurrence by carefully preparing each phase of the release. Successful retroactive planning allows you to move forward each day toward your startup goals with greater confidence and peace of mind.

In this context, freelancers must find the best way to manage their time, brainpower, and knowledge base so that they can clearly accomplish their tasks while making room for their personal lives. A complex equation based on adopting tools that evolve specifically to suit their needs and those of their customers. This is more beneficial because, unlike workers who work with a more collaborative logic, they cannot rely as much on the power of the collective. To achieve this, they can rely on the advantages of “all-in-one” workplaces. They combine various tools such as a smart agenda, a note or project management interface, a custom-made dashboard or even an ultra-structured and customizable database (for example, for monitoring clients or finances). operation in a single interface. This approach brings overall consistency to the work being done, frees up creativity and thus creates added value and productivity gains that help the company grow!

Make lists to stay organized and grow your business

As a freelancer, we can never stress this enough, organization is the key to not being overwhelmed by files to process and missing deadlines. Managing your priorities, learning to make good lists, schedules and stick to them is one of the basics. In practice, setting up your agenda and updating your to-do list before starting the work day helps you avoid wasting valuable time and focus on your goals every morning. By planning all tasks and deadlines in advance, deadlines will be met, clients will be happy, and stress will be reduced. For example, a good practice to implement is to mark the deadline for each new project in your diary and break it down into sub-tasks in your to-do list to estimate next steps according to the goals to be achieved. To make all these commitments a reality, all-in-one interfaces provide concrete solutions for freelancers looking to simplify their organization. They do this by creating a highly flexible workspace that adapts to the evolution of operations and emerging new needs.

Knowing where we are going and what we are spending our time on is the most important thing in our work. If our priorities are not clear, we postpone or do things with little added value. To avoid this, it is better to take the height: first define our vision and goals, then connect them with projects that will be divided into tasks and events. So we are sure to move in the right direction.

Another advantage of smart planning is that you can set aside time to work on your personal development and the development of your company. Whether it’s training to improve your visibility, get more clients, become more specialized… it’s better to set a clear goal and set aside specific jobs for it. So once you know where you want to go, it’s easier to break it down into milestones and sequence it over weeks and months in sync with your to-do list to gradually move towards the end goal. Again, equipping yourself with a tool that simplifies and automates the creation of sub-tasks, low-value-added activities, or allows you to create recurring reminders helps make your day-to-day life easier!

Clear your mind and reduce your mental load

Freelancing is not just about doing a job for a client. It also means doing administrative work and growing your business over the long term. Therefore, if a freelancer has too many things to think about, do, or organize, his mind can become cluttered. When stress builds up, it’s not good for work or general well-being or satisfaction. So, to avoid, among other things, the risk of forgotten information or to reduce the anxiety of endless to-do lists, you need to get all this information out of your head and into a suitable tool.

How to do this? The best solution is to centralize all your work and data in a tool that adapts to everyone’s professional or personal needs and habits in the blink of an eye. Building a high-performance knowledge center offers the distinct advantage of having centralized meeting protocols, staying productive, or even setting achievable goals for personal and professional development. The latter, when developed in a “no-code” spirit, also offer the possibility of building a unique workspace that can be fully customized. In this sense, using a centralized knowledge base allows you to reduce your mental load, reduce pressure and stay motivated in the long run. When a freelancer fully embraces it, this second brain becomes a reliable partner on a daily basis. In particular, it helps him to achieve his goals more easily and find all the information on time, anywhere, anytime.

Consequently, without solid organization, there is no sustained activity or personal fulfillment in return. Key to freelance success, the organization requires reliance on custom-made work tools that are multifunctional, flexible, scalable, and customizable. They form the basis of the self-employed worker’s activity, allowing him to reconcile profitability and professional and personal balance… along with this promise of freedom that makes entrepreneurship attractive.

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