Wishes from the mayor of Alençon. Health, safety, environmental transition and sport: highlights of 2023

Joaquim Pueyo presented his vows on Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14 in the neighborhoods, then on Sunday, January 15 at the Halle aux Toiles. ©L’Orne Hebdo


This congratulatory ceremony by the mayorAlencon (Orne) could not take place in 2021 and 2022 due to the health crisis. “This Covid pandemic has mobilized health and safety actors. When we greet them at the windows in prisons, I would like to once again pay tribute to the medical and emergency personnel who accompany patients with great accessibility and generosity. This is a call to applause Joaquim Puyo He was sworn in at the Halle aux Toiles on Sunday, January 15.

Providence Health Center

after Courteille Municipal Health Center, Center for Liberal and Ambulatory Health Care (PLSA) in 2019. Saint-Germain-du-Corbeis (worth 2.1 million euros) in 2020 and it Perseigne-Montsort Joaquim Pueyo announced that in 2021 (value: 1.4 million euros), La Providence (4.25 million euros) will open “by the end of the first half of 2023”.

“This wonderful project will enable the rehabilitation of the building, which is part of Alencon’s heritage, and increase the attractiveness of the city center, which already benefits from the “Heart of the City” program,” the mayor emphasized. To calm those who fear architectural aberration, Joaquim Pueyo noted that “old architecture and modern architecture will be very good together”.

On the other hand, a large crowd, at the request of the mayor, on Sunday, January 15 in the Halle aux Toiles.
On the other hand, a large crowd, at the request of the mayor, on Sunday, January 15 in the Halle aux Toiles. ©L’Orne Hebdo

new hospital

“This project will not see the light of day in 2023, but during this period it will be the subject of a lot of work,” said the mayor, who returned the patronage of this project.

“During the first supervisory board of Chicam, which I chaired after the municipal elections in 2020, I wanted to put forward the new hospital project. A positive opinion was unanimously given to the review of the creation of a new structure.

He welcomed the involvement of the hospital’s previous director, Jérôme Le Briere, “to provide a file held by the government”. Joaquim Pueyo admitted that “this project could not have been created without financial assistance” and welcomed the mobilization of the State and the Region, which “invested 143 million euros” to finance the construction of this future hospital.

The city of Alençon brings its aid through the land it provides free of charge. He intends to acquire Condé-sur-Sarthe “and it is worth several thousand euros”, the mayor recalled.


Safety after health. Joaquim Pueyo talked about the anti-crack plan and the City’s investment in video security. “Thanks to an investment of 125,655 euros, subsidized by the state up to 88,751 euros, we will soon have 72 active cameras.” What makes Alençon 4th city in the best equipped layer with video security. I guess,” Mayor Edith Bonnem said during her wishes at the center.

At the end of the day, on Saturday January 14, a day dedicated to the dreams of the neighborhood, the mayor smiled again: the population was in Courteille.
At the end of the day, on Saturday January 14, a day dedicated to the dreams of the neighborhood, the mayor smiled again: the population was in Courteille. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Reorganized municipal police

“Since the signing of the Integrated Security Agreement on March 2, with the participation of then Prime Minister Jean Castex, the city of Alençon has reorganized its Municipal Police by changing the hours of presence in the field and hiring two additional agents. Except for us is employed to increase the numbers again.

7 pillars and a tower

The mayor returned to the restoration of iconic buildings “started in 2022 and will continue in 2023”, including the chamber of commerce and the 7 Pillars residential building. The future of Château des Ducs is under the scrutiny of a scientific committee of experts.

Avoid the vines

Development work on the Fuie des Vignes was completed in December with the creation of two ponds and the planting of around a hundred trees on the site “to promote biodiversity”. In 2023, the Urban Community of Alençon “will always accept other projects for Foie des Vignes with the aim of revitalizing this site”.

The vows in the neighborhoods opened in Villeneuve/Boulevard Duchamp with about fifty people.
The vows in the neighborhoods opened in Villeneuve/Boulevard Duchamp with about fifty people. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Green fund… green earth Foch

These are several billion euros that the state will distribute to the area “to accelerate the ecological transition”. Alençon will benefit from this “to strengthen its environmental activities and thus continue the development of schools, municipal and community buildings”.

Joaquim Pueyo reminded that the City is already engaged in this process with the cycling plan (more than one million euros) that started in 2021 and will be continued in 2023.

The new water treatment plant (15.5 million euros), the waste treatment centers of Arconnay (1.9 million euros) and Alençon-Nord (1.6 million euros) are among the favorable investments for the ecological transition. Among future projects in this direction, “greening areas including Place Foch”, the mayor noted.

Business assistance

On an economic level, synonymous with attractiveness, the City supports local commerce. “When a new retailer settles in a hyper-centre, it benefits from a rent reduction of €400 per month for two years, a total aid of €9,600, and a set-up bonus of €2,000 to finance its development. work”, the mayor reminded.

…and to the owners

Another means of promoting Opah City. In this framework, home owners are given job assistance to adapt their apartments. Thus, the City supported the renovation of 350 apartments with a subsidy of 1.285 million euros.

With the president of the neighborhood social center in La Croix-Mercier.
With the president of the neighborhood social center in La Croix-Mercier. ©L’Orne Hebdo


Regarding the actions carried out by charitable, social, cultural and sports associations, Joaquim Pueyo welcomed the numerous volunteers mobilized in each of these structures.


The 50th and final edition of Alençon-Médavin, on Sunday 26 March, will be “the most important sporting event of 2023” in the eyes of the mayor. After the last runner that day, he will pay his respects to Pierre Vannier, president of the foot race’s organizing committee, and his many volunteers.


The mythical bike race will be another one as it crosses Alençon in August. the Paris-Brest-Paris, 8,000 cyclists, including 6,000 foreigners, will ride 1,230 km in 90 hours (August 20-24) along National 12. The famous event has not crossed the city walls since 1975. The peloton will come by Courteille, pass through the city. Just before reaching Saint-Germain-du-Corbéis.

From Tennis to Plaine des Sports

Plaine des Sports’ current sports facilities will be developed to accommodate the new clubs. In particular, a study will be launched to evaluate the construction of tennis courts, in the narrow, flood zone of the boulevard de la République, near Sarthe.

Rousseau pool

Still, the rehabilitation of the old Rousseau swimming pool on the Plaine des Sports and the Marguerite-de-Navarre gymnasium is being studied to turn them into new facilities “of great size to offer multi-sport activities”.

It remains to be clarified whether the existing complex will be demolished, then rebuilt or completely restored. The research conducted for this purpose will clarify this.

The population did not respond to Perseigne's wishes.
The population did not respond to Perseigne’s wishes. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Desire to learn

Joaquim Pueyo, listing the work done in city schools, said, “everything starts at school!” The well-being of students and citizens of tomorrow is important to us. What makes good students is the desire to learn, so they should be given good conditions so that they and their teachers can invest heavily.”

Names of women in the streets

On International Women’s Day, March 8, the city will name streets after women “including some from Alencon who have left their mark on the area.”

Three young people are in the spotlight

Alençon mayor’s New Year greeting ceremony ended with the presentation of checks to three Alençon residents who won the Youth Initiative Fund. Kevin Lollivre is a shoemaker Samia El Farouki is a student and has created his own business and Nirosan Naudet, says Niros, an artist who created a music video about his city and the Courteille region.

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