why take GA4 asap?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is one of the latest versions of Google’s marketing suite, which announced in March 2022 that this version will replace the current version of the platform – Google Analytics Universal (UA). Data collection by UA will cease in July 2023. Previously acquired data will be destroyed later at a time determined by Google.

Why would you benefit from migrating to G4A now? To keep track of key metrics and your website performance! Since this inevitable turn will not happen in the blink of an eye, it is better to roll up your sleeves immediately.

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics: What’s the Difference?

GA4 fixes UA’s blind spots and takes its analytics and data collection even further. It allows you to explore new horizons thanks to several innovations.

The sooner you migrate to GA4, the sooner you build your data history, adapt your best practices, and train your teams. Pillars of good monitoring!

Among other things, you will benefit from the following new benefits.

1. Understand your audience better

Google Analytics 4 introduces a new tool for building and segmenting audiences. More flexible and accurate, it helps sharpen the definition of your target profiles.

By combining web and mobile analytics data, the platform enables track the customer journey – acquisition, engagement, monetization, loyalty. You gain visibility into your purchase and the impact of your marketing efforts, for example.

2. Take advantage of automatic event tracking

You can automatically collect a set of actions related to your business goals or digital campaigns across the web, such as downloading a white paper or viewing your data. customer reviews On Youtube. By identifying these key points, you gain visibility while avoiding headaches.

Some examples of events:

  • Lead generation: fill out the registration form, contact your speaking agent (chatbot) or request a demo.
  • Online sales: sign up for the service or watch more than half of the product video.
  • Educational content: follow the instruction or scroll to the end of the blog post (or up to 90%).

3. Make engagement a priority.

With the new cross-platform tracking in Google Analytics 4, you can gain access to a more accurate picture of user engagement to better measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across all devices and platforms.

You can check user navigation in several ways, including:

  • explores the path. This allows you to visualize the sequence of visited pages and the actions performed by Internet users, and at the same time to detect certain obstacles that hinder their work. Viewing Experience (UX).
  • Funnel Intelligence. You can analyze the steps taken to perform a certain action (or transformation) and detect unwanted paths here as well (or bread points).

4. Benefit from improved reports tailored to your business reality

Like UA, the GA4 interface makes it easy to view and customize data and reports. Using new features and enhancements to existing categories (such as real-time data), you can see your performance in a new light.

GA4 takes analytics to the next level by updating its data metrics and schemas. Using machine learning (machine learning), Google’s algorithms can create predictive audiences: likelihood of purchase or unsubscribe, revenue forecast, etc. These audiences can then be targeted Google Ads campaigns or on social media.

5. Adapting to the digital world without cookies

On the one hand, proprietary cookies (first party cookies) is generated by the consulted site and copied to Internet users’ hard drives to identify them. On the other hand, third-party cookies (third party cookies) comes from other sites with visible content on the web page, such as banner ads or images.

However, under many digital marketing tactics, these cookies disappear with enhanced personal data protection. Google Analytics 4 allows you to compensate for the loss of data caused by the rejection of third-party cookies and to reduce the impact on the monitoring of your online activity.

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Google Analytics 4, your new digital marketing ally

The more you know about your data, the more you can assess the effectiveness and impact of your marketing efforts. An essential asset to increase your return on investment (ROI)!

To prepare or accelerate your GA4 configuration, let our web team knowActively working on the file for several months now!

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