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One of the first questions to ask yourself in order to succeed in your marketing campaign is to know the channel to use, because in both cases you will have to format the recipient and you will have the choice between SMS or text message. campaign and email campaign.

professional SMS platform
professional SMS platform

SMS marketing campaign

One seems more efficient than the other, but in the end it will be a little more expensive, but it will certainly be more profitable for the brand or company, so it is a strategic choice that you will have to make. and it will often depend on your budget.

About 75% of users in the world send SMS, which is about 10 billion SMS sent on the planet every year, but the frequency can vary from one continent to another, even from one country to another. .

Conversely, according to another study, the world has just over 2.5 billion owner addresses, generating about 205 billion emails every day, which puts us at 2.4 billion emails every second and an average of 74,000 billion per year. email is.

In order to succeed in your marketing campaign, it is not always easy to make a choice with this kind of information, but in this article, let’s go ahead and consider the advantages of one solution over the other.

Marketing Campaign: Advantages of SMS or Texting
Marketing Campaign: Advantages of SMS or Texting

Marketing Campaign: Advantages of SMS or Texting

  • Average email read time 90 minutes … vs 90 seconds For SMS or text message
  • An average user looks at his laptop 200 times, and his email less than 40 times a day.
  • On average, only 10% of advertising emails are read, compared to 98% of SMS or text messages.
  • According to a recent study, an average professional receives about 125 emails per day against less than 20 SMSes per day. . It is believed that SMS is designed to transmit short or condensed information.
  • There is no character limit for an SMS or text message, whereas in the past it was limited to 160 characters, with multiple SMS or MMS it is possible to add text, images, videos, links… or text messages to be displayed on the screen. it was almost the same message one after the other.
  • Advanced platforms allow you to monitor the sending and receiving of messages in real time.
  • SMS campaigns can be exported to excel files for further processing and integration into customer databases.
  • With deferred SMS management, campaigns can be prepared in advance and sent at the desired time.
  • According to a study conducted 3 years ago, they spend an average of two hours a day on their phones (2019 study by App Annie)
  • 95% of the French population always has a phone with them
  • SMS open and read rates reach and often exceed 95%.
  • The icing on the cake is that the SMS read time is around 4%, which explains its 60% retention rate.
  • As a general rule, text messages are not considered intrusive, unlike e-mails.
  • The first SMS was sent in December 1993, but SMS marketing really took off in 2008.

Marketing campaign: The benefits of email

Marketing Campaign: Advantages of SMS
Marketing Campaign: Advantages of SMS
  • Emails are generally longer than SMS, there is generally no length limit.
  • Email campaigns are cheaper than SMS or SMS.
  • Email is faster than mail, but sometimes has the downside of getting spammed.
  • It is estimated that about 130 billion emails are sent in France every year
  • It has an opening rate of about 40% in France and an opening rate of about 20%, which is significantly lower than SMS.
  • However, email is 2e the most viewed service on the internet
  • About 96% of Internet users in France access their mailboxes at least once a day, much less than their mobile phones for SMS.
  • According to experts, the first e-mail was sent by American Ray Tomlinson in 1971, so millions and millions of letters were sent over 50 years.

Choose a good platform, CleverMultimedias

As in CleverMultimedia, the offer to choose a platform that knows how to do both options, powerful and fast and very complete in its options, everything that is done in the world of communication is available in CleverMultimedia.

Clevermultimedia can also do SMS campaigns as well as email campaigns, even better with SMS campaigns, you can send a secure SMS by attaching a PDF with password and/or expiration date.

Create an account and try it for free, just call and experts will be able to answer your questions for free and without any obligation.

CleverMultimedia, SMS API, all languages

No matter what language is integrated into CleverMultimedias, APIs can be the most, the least, which will allow you to create fast and well-designed communication campaigns by combining data from your source database.

For those who don’t know, APIs are programming interfaces that facilitate communication campaigns with tailored protocols designed to facilitate data exchange and all that.

By Antonio Rodriguez Mota, Editor and Director of Clever Technologies

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