How to easily use iPhone internationally?

Going on a trip abroad and don’t know how to configure your iPhone for international use? We explain how to do it!

If you have a fairly new iPhone (for example, purchased within the last 12 months) and travel fairly often, eSIM is definitely the solution for you. You’ve probably already heard about it a new dematerialized SIM card (this e means placedI mean integrated).

However, since it is still somewhat new, we read all sorts of things about it; some are correct and some are not, so we thought it would be good to gather all the correct information in one place.

How many eSIMs and phone numbers can an iPhone have?

The total amount is officially 8 eSIM and 2 phone numbers (one French number and a foreign number or two French numbers or two foreign numbers from different countries, anything is possible) can be used at the same time on the same device.

Therefore, we can say that eSim is a travel SIM card for iPhone or other phone models, which allows you to save money by avoiding the popular roaming and not having to change the card if another number is required.

Enjoy your iPhone even on vacation!

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Which carriers support eSIM?

France, SFR, Orange, Bouygues, Free, Red by SFR, Sosh and B&You operators offer you an eSIM.

In only one country, the People’s Republic of China, eSIM is unfortunately not offered for the iPhone to date.

A non-exhaustive list of the main carriers that support eSIM for the rest of the world (a more detailed list of these local carriers can be consulted directly on the Apple website):

  • Vodafone (eg for Australia, but not only)
  • T-Mobile (among others in the US)
  • Ubigi (in UK, Belgium and Switzerland)
  • Holafly (USA, Japan and 150 other destinations.)
  • Claro (in some South American countries)
  • AT&T (mainly in the US)
  • Orange (in many African countries)
  • Zain (in the Middle East)
  • Telia (in Scandinavia)

Which iPhones are eSIM compatible?

Many iPhone models can use eSim. iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro models, 14 Pro Max, SE 2020 and SE 2022 eSIM compatible.

Usually enough Scan the QR code sent by the operator. But if that doesn’t work, the operator in question also provides two codes to log in manually.

Then you need to enter the standard PIN code, ie: 0000.

And of course restart the phone as usual.

And that’s all!

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It’s very simple:

  • Get inside Parameters
  • Get inside Mobile data
  • Find the plan you want and check if it’s available YEAH is written at the end of the line
  • If necessary, click on the package in question and drag the cursor to the end of the indicated line Activate this line.

Can we switch from eSIM to physical SIM and vice versa?

Yes. Absolutely. No problem. You can even use both at the same time: for example, your a physical SIM card for calls and texts and an eSIM for internet.

If necessary, the procedure to switch from one to another is the same as checking if the profile is active (see the detailed procedure above).

iPhone vacation mountain hike
It works on the beach and in the mountains!

And the Apple Watch in all of this?

No problem if you are on Orange or SFR, Apple Watch eSIM enabled. Bouygues has not shown any interest in a closed watch so far, and FREE Mobile has unfortunately not announced anything about it yet. Maybe in the next few months.

eSIM, the solution for international travel

And a very useful little note to finish: pay close attention and know that we are also talking more and moreiSIM (with I !), but not the same as eSIM. Do not mix SIMs!

This article allows you to easily consider your next trip (whether for business, pleasure or family reasons), no matter where you are going in the we know many advantages of eSIM. However, we invite you to always be on the lookout for new developments, as the telephony sector is constantly evolving to provide us with more solutions that are always better suited to our needs.

What is the difference between SIM and eSIM?

An eSIM card is not physically in your device, unlike a SIM card. It is actually a loadable SIM card.

Where can I buy an eSIM card?

If you have a compatible smartphone, you can go to the online customer area or directly to your operator’s store.

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