How should BtoB reinvent itself with mobile content?

Admiring the Criteo ad during the Super Bowl? Attending the BCG conference at Metaverse? Are you learning that DHL is an official tour partner of Coldplay on Tiktok? Everything is normal, these new paradigms respond to the use of BtoB, connected, mobile and social target. Explanations.

It’s 2022 and the challenges of BtoB brands have definitely changed. This new paradigm responds to BtoB target usage – more connected, mobile and social than ever. Usages and practices that are now deeply entrenched, especially since covid, and are blurring the line between the personal and professional spheres.

After that, we cannot compare BtoC and BtoB targets: if more than half of web traffic is consumed by consumers on mobile, the same is true for your business targets.

On their smartphones, between a Netflix series and a TikTok video, on their way to work (or not): they get inspired, get information and finally buy. Through this customer journey, similar to that of a consumer, B2B buyers consume 3-5 pieces of marketing content in their journey.

And they do it a lot on social networks! In fact, 84% of CEOs and VPs use social media as part of their purchasing decisions.

BtoB brands face a specific and very real challenge to grow: their content strategy must adapt so that it feeds the entire customer journey.

How about talking about Bto.. Everyone?

It is important to have a coherent discussion between corporate, brand and product. You must be able to create an echo in the mind of all targets. The number of decision makers is only increasing, especially as the BtoB target becomes increasingly complex. Buyer target is not necessarily consumer target: then we talk about BtoBtoC strategy. Swile, a popular startup disrupting the restaurant ticket market, is a very good example: a BtoB brand that communicates with BtoC codes and it’s a hit! Now what if we talked about BtoEveryone?

Emotion, the new ally of M-content BtoB

BtoB marketing strategies that appeal to emotions have 7x better long-term results than those based on rational arguments. Thus, efficiency no longer refers only to a rational and functional strategy. You must succeed in inspiring audiences and creating a connection throughout the customer journey. Emotion can be embodied, for example, through a unique and memorable experience that the target will have with the brand in one shot.

Sherwin-Williams example – Talking with color : a voice command tool that allows companies to find the right color based on feel or memory.

And through an editorial content strategy that will support BtoB goals over the long term. Squareespace, a website builder for entrepreneurs, does this very well, especially on Instagram. The brand has managed to adopt an editorial approach to all of its broadcast content: The Next Generation, mobile and Instagram-first interview format is a perfect example! The brand delivers on its promise of innovation through customer introductions that inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

From BtoB brand to media brand

BtoB brands invest mainly at the bottom of the funnel. But how do you get your brand across if it’s simply ignored? Branding is necessary, even in BtoB.
A way to improve it? Be the reference in your sector through an experiential content strategy tailored to target usage. General Electric is a perfect example: the group achieves the holy grail of millions of views on videos of scientists, where the brand is visible but relatively discreet. The main role belongs to science and innovation.

BtoB coming soon on TikTok.. or why not in the metaverse?

In fact, it already is. We are already there!
There are different ways to invest TikTok in BtoB, both paid and organic, with a common theme strategy. Paying remains the first step to testing and taming this platform. It’s important to note that creativity and storytelling remain at the heart of media activation thinking in TikTok, as they are in BtoC.

If BtoC already has one foot in the metaverse, this is the same observation for BtoB: an endless field of possibilities, a new way to connect with customers. A perfect example is BCG with their conferences in the metaverse!

So, are you ready to re-enchant M-content in the BtoB sector?

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