Apple TV requires users to have an iPhone to accept iCloud’s new terms, prompting comparisons with competing offerings including Android TV.

“I have an Apple TV. I don’t own another Apple device. not one. I now get this message every time I turn on my Apple TV,” complains an Apple TV user. Problem: Apple TV requires it to have a device running iOS 16 or later. In other words, Apple TV requires users to have an iPhone to accept the new iCloud terms. There are many opinions on the situation, and they mostly agree on one aspect: Apple’s ecosystem is too complex, too closed. The table therefore revives the comparison with the offer of the competition, including Android TV.

Most Apple TV features can be used without access to other Apple devices. It is possible to independently configure Apple TV, install programs and make purchases. Typical Apple ID management tasks are usually performed from a web browser on a computer. Anyway, that was until the recent tvOS update that caused the situation that this user highlighted via Twitter.
Instead of allowing users to read and agree to the new terms on the Apple TV itself, the dialog indicates that the user must use an iOS device to do so. Specifically, an iOS device running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 or later. This situation further means that the minimum operating system requirement means that someone with a new Apple TV but an older generation iPad is left out.

A similar prompt may appear asking customers to update their Apple ID settings by holding their iPhone close to the Apple TV. According to some users, the problem can be solved by signing out of iCloud and then signing back in from the device.

“So I definitely avoid Apple like the plague. If you don’t want to marry them for life, the ecosystem is a nightmare,” says one user.

The Apple ecosystem is closed and CEO Tim Cook is taking over. This is because sending video from iOS to Android (and vice versa) using a regular text messaging app results in receiving blurry content on the other end. This is due to an incompatibility between Google’s promoted RCS protocol and Apple’s iMessage. Tim Cook remains closed to the idea of ​​adopting RCS, despite calls from Google. Apple is also reluctant to make iMessage available to Android users. Instead, Tim Cook suggests everyone buy an iPhone to solve the problem.

This is suggested by his response to a journalist who complained that the videos he sent from his iPhone to family members came out blurry on their Android devices: “Get your mom an iPhone. »

The dispute over the Apple TV case is rekindling the debate over comparisons with a rival offering. Some Internet users, for example, suggest getting rid of Apple TV and buying Android TV

And you?

What do you think about the Apple ecosystem? Are you sure it’s closed?

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