ZATAZ » ChatGPT, artificial intelligence shaking the codes in marketing!

In recent years, applications based on artificial intelligence have proliferated. The latest AI is ChatGPT. Created by OpenAI, this tool marks a significant advance in language technology. This very intuitive spoken conversation has many uses in natural language: answering questions and even creating on-demand texts.

ChatGPT, a language technology with impressive capabilities

ChatGPT owes its name to the combination of the terms “chat” (“chat”) and “GPT” (“predictive language transmission model”). The name reflects the ability of this artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the context of the conversation and perform various functions. It provides quick and accurate information, advice, explanations, and can even simulate coherent and convincing conversations.

Thus, it is considered a tool, even though it is still in the experimental stage one million users in the first days of its launch. Because ChatGPT’s applications and potential far exceed existing solutions. To do this, OpenAI trained it on a wide variety of texts, from newspaper articles to scripts for movies and TV series, as well as novels and online conversations.

Analyzing this content allows him to gather knowledge and information and adapt to a wide range of topics and language styles. Moreover, it offers its tasks in several languages, including French, English, and according to the results shared by certain netizens, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc.

Multiple applications of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is especially useful for professionals who need to create content. Published tests show that the texts produced are clear and sufficiently informative without being too technical. Therefore, they are suitable for the general public.

ChatGPT’s contributions are impressive:

  • Suggest leads for new and interesting article topics on a specific topic.
  • Text content, multimedia, etc. Create a relevant and effective title for Its suggestions can be taken as a basis and improved if necessary.
  • Speed ​​up and simplify data collection for content production by providing a list of questions to guide searches more efficiently than conventional sources like Google and Wikipedia.
  • To save valuable time, write only the outline and the first draft that needs to be completed.
  • For example, shorten texts to fit the requirements of the publishing platform. Simply give the instrument the instructions for the length you want and the tone to be received… All that’s left is to perfect the image.

However, improvements are still possible compared to a human editor, especially in editorial style. Learning about the tool continues, promising improvements in its performance and the regular appearance of new use cases. Thus, ChatGPT is promised a bright future and may soon become essential for many professions and sectors, including marketing consultants and web professionals.

Many of them offer their services as freelancers, which forces them to equip their client companies with all the necessary tools to offer quality services and meet sometimes tight deadlines. They are indeed in high demand amid the digitization of the economy, tougher competition and skills shortages. Sometimes you have to go to umbrella companies to get access to the best profiles.

the payroll transportation and marketing now valued by independent marketers for the social security it offers in addition to autonomy. Marketing as well as all other so-called intelligence services, especially by allowing remote missions (ITG) to go hand in hand.

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